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Transition United States
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In this Issue:
Transition Projects
#Occupy + Transition
Host a Training for Transition (T4T)
Upcoming Webinars & Events
New Official Initiatives
Transition US Primer
Transition Network News
Volunteers Needed
PCI Update
Get Involved

Take Action
Autodesk has challenged us to raise $5,000 which they will match. Every dollar we raise toward that goal effectively doubles. Donate now for a great return on investment!


Training for Transition

Nov 5-6 Sautee, GA
Nov 5-6  Charlotte, VT
Nov 12-13 Wooster, OH
Dec 2-4 Cambridge, MA

Learn about hosting a T4T >>


Women’s Earth and Climate Caucus (3-Part Series)
Wednesday, November 2
(5:00-6:00pm Pacific)

The Women’s Earth and Climate Caucus is now glad to offer a series of seminars and trainings in building Resilient Community. Transition US is proud to be hosting these three virtual conversations prior to in-person courses to be held in Corte Madera, CA.
details + registration >>

Bank Transfer Day
Saturday November 5
(9am - 5pm Everywhere)
If the 99% removes their funds from the major banking institutions to non-profit credit unions on or by this date, we will send a clear message to the 1% that conscious consumers won't support companies with unethical business practices.
details + registration >> 

Monthly Transition Salon

Thursday, November 10
(11am-noon Pacific)

An open dialogue space where folks involved in Transition meet voice-to-voice, celebrate, network, swap ideas, get help, give help, and learn together.
details + registration >>

Inner Tools for Transition
Tuesday November 29
(11am-12:15pm Pacific)
An interactive opportunity to share and learn about tools that can help guide ourselves and communities through increasingly challenging times.
details + registration >> 

Transition Network 
News from across the pond...

The first
Transition podcast

Rob Hopkins' first forray into the world of podcasting. Definitely worth a listen + a share!

Does Transition build happiness?An article from the latest Resurgence magazine.

“Communities are more important than individuals, and probably more important than states and nations”An interview with Bill McKibben

Volunteers Needed

We are on the lookout for data analysts, videographers, transcribers and more - visit our volunteer opportunities page >>


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Transition Wall St.- 
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Transition Oklahoma City -
Shauna Struby


Transition US :: October 2011 e-newsletter

Protesting, supporting, celebrating or observing, whatever you are doing - This is a momentous time, a truly great unleashing. There is a much bigger movement happening here and we are seeing the tip of it. The door is opening and people are starting to pour through.  It takes real courage to speak in the face of unspeakable power and it is easier to do so when others are standing with you.  What is happening in front of US financial centers is inspiring. The Transition Movement could have a large part in what happens next as an increasingly stirred up public (who are evidently ready to act) looks at what to do.  Let's help by providing solutions, raising awareness, convening deeper dialogues, creating visible projects, collaborating more deeply, providing and enabling even more profound re-skilling, and honoring those who are breaking ground before us. 

Transition Projects

Transition Ann Arbor wraps up - It is with huge gratitude that we celebrate the work that organizers of Transition Ann Arbor in Michigan did in raising awareness and weaving relationships...(read more)

Studying Permaculture - Transition OKC organized a full-scale Permaculture Certification course as a means of catalyzing a move toward more resilient communities...(read more)


#Occupy + Transition

Like our friends at Transition Voice have written, "There are many things you can do to be part of this growing movement—and only some of them involve sleeping outside."

Click here for a digest of some of the articles and resources that we've found insightful in thinking about how to marry the Transition model with the growing Occupy movement.

New Initiatives

This month we welcome 4 new official Transition Initiatives:

  • Transition Kaw Valley - KS (#100)
  • Transition Port Gardner - WA (#101)
  • Transition Amhearst - MA (#102)
  • Transition Woodinville - WA (#103)

Browse the initiatives map and learn more about becoming an Official Transition Initiative.

Transition Primer 2.0

The new version of the 'Transition Primer' (US version) is now available.  It has a fresh new look as well as new sections on peak oil, exponential growth, and resilence indicators.  A future version will include sections on topics such as working with local government.  We would love to hear what you think and any additions you feel would be helpful for those embarking on this journey called Transition.

Download >


(that Transition folk are reading and screening)
The Oil GameThe Oil Game:
a free pdf workbook

A programme of teaching young people about peak oil that Tom Harper has been doing in schools in the south east of England. Tom has now finished a workbook for people who want to run this programme elsewhere, containing the games and activities that he developed. You can download it here.  

Teaching preteens about peak oil
Luz Sees the Light: A graphic novel series By Claudia Dávila, Kids Can Press 2011
In Dávila’s first graphic novel in a series, young Luz grows from a consumer-crazy, fossil-energy intensive preteen to a young activist turning an abandoned plot of land into a sustainable green space.


Take the Transition US Annual Survey
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How is Transition evolving across the US?

Once a year Transition US puts out a survey to capture a snapshot of how Transition is evolving across the country.

If you haven't had a chance to fill it out yet, please consider doing so as it'll help us to prioritize and shape future work to support Transition Initiatives. 

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The Prize: Complete the survey by midnight November 15th, you'll be entered into a draw to win a copy of Rob Hopkins' new book, The Transition Companion, courtesy of Chelsea Green.


Post Carbon Institute Update

Transition US Partner | visit for more articles, reports and news

Wall St bullTHE END OF GROWTH MOVEMENT: Events this month have only underlined the timeliness of Richard Heinberg's latest book The End of Growth. The #Occupy movement, born from the end of growth as we've known it, shows that a growing number of people around the country and the world can see that the old model is broken and are seeking change.

In October PCI hooked up with the movement to learn more and share ideas. Check out Richard's MEMO TO THE #OCCUPY MOVEMENT (A Post Growth Economy)videos from Ben Zolno who took 100 copies of Richard's book to Wall Street for us, andfollow us on Twitter for updates.

Roll up your sleeves and get involved :)

Transition US is a nonprofit organization that provides inspiration, encouragement, support, networking, and training for Transition Initiatives across the United States. We are working in close partnership with the Transition Network, a UK based organization that supports the international Transition Movement as a whole.


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