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In this Issue:
Webinars: REconomy, Local Food Shift & Building a Local Economy
Resilience Toolkit 2.0
Transition Streets
Upcoming Training Courses
PCI Update:
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The time for bold actions is now.With you by our side, Transition US will work town by town until we have transitioned the entire United States!  Help us raise $200,000. With a contribution of $170 or more—a monthly gift of just $14.17— we will meet this challenge. 

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Transition Training

Transition LAUNCH Training  (formerly the T4T)
December 8 Sarasota, FL

This two-day course is an in-depth experiential introduction to Transition for those considering bringing Transition to their community or for existing Transition initiatives who are interested in deepening their understanding of Transition.


Career Opportunity

Transition US is looking for a dynamic, emerging leader who can help move Transition US boldly into the next phase of its development and catalyze the wide-scale spread of the Transition movement in the United States. View the full posting.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are on the lookout for youth mentors, regional reporters, videographers, transcribers and more - visit our volunteer opportunities page >>

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October 2012 e-newsletter
The last 48 hours have been devastating…The weather forces that combined to create Hurricane Sandy have really brought home a horrible truth: climate isn’t “changing”; climate haschanged. We are seeing firsthand what it means for cities to have –or lack—resilience, and that will only become more evident in the weeks to come.

For those of you who are in the path of this unprecedented storm or its aftermath, we heart-fully hope for your well-being, comfort and safety.

For all of us moving forward, let’s really get serious about building our communities resilience. Our communities are our safety nets. Now is the time to make them strong.


Learning & Connecting Across Regions

Catalyzing a Resilient Communities Network
(Pre-Bioneers Conference Event, San Rafael, CA) -- A landmark gathering featured leading models, strategies and tools for building resilience at the community, local and regional levels, highlighting the opportunity for a Resilient Communities Network nationally and globally. Read more.

Northern California regional gatheringNorthern California Regional Transition Conference
Over 25 Transition Initatives and groups came together in Richmond, CA to share their experiences and connect the dots across the region. Read more.

Northeast Transition GatheringNew England Transition and Resilience Gathering
72 activists from 32 communities gathered in a musty New England church basement to connect, share stories, and think about the resilience of our historic region. Read more.

Coming up:

Southwest Regional Gathering of the Minds, Hearts, and Hands
Saturday, November 17 10am-3pm
Asheville, North Carolina
Hosted by Transition Asheville


New Initiative

Welcome our new Official Transition Initiative:
  • Transition Tampa - Florida #126
    (website coming soon!)

Browse the initiatives map and learn more about becoming an Official Transition Initiative!


Community Resilience Toolkit 2.0Community Resilience Toolkit 2.0
The Community Resilience Toolkit 2.0 brings out your best ideas for building resilience where you live, anywhere in the world. The Toolkit 2.0 is a collection of online tools to help you understand local impacts of the climate and energy crisis in your region and what you can do about them. The tools are for individuals, community groups, teachers, and municipal planners. 

Transition StreetsTransition Streets now available anywhere
As Rob Hopkins's writes, "...award-winning community engagement project Transition Streets has done the legwork to create a tried-and-tested way to break down the barriers and bring people together to take action on energy – and a new Streets-wise programme is now available for community groups to adapt the project to their own area."Visit the site to learn more 

Find more great resources in our online Knowledge Hub!



Webinars & Online Events

The REconomy Project
REconomy projectTuesday, November 6,
9am-10am Pacific

Hear about how Transition towns in the UK are building new local economies, and what the Transition Network’s REconomy Project’s offering in the way of support - tools, resources, training and face to face gatherings. Fiona Ward, the project initiator, will be giving an overview of the national project, as well as some detail of what’s happening on the ground in the places that are more ‘advanced’ with this work, and answering your questions.

Monthly Transition Salon
Thursday, November 8, 2012
11am-noon Pacific
An open dialogue space where folks involved in Transition meet voice-to-voice, celebrate, network, swap ideas, get help, give help, and learn together.

The Local Food Shift: Transition and the Local Food Movement
Join two seasoned Transition leaders in an exploration of innovative food localization efforts in Colorado and Florida: Michael Brownlee, co-founder of Transition Colorado, and Don Hall, founder of Transition Sarasota. Learn about the evolution of the EAT LOCAL! and Local Food Shiftcampaigns, and how you can catalyze the local food movement in your community!

Session 3 (Nov. 13): Getting there—utilizing the Transition process to achieve food localization in your community (it all starts with an initiating group!)

Also coming up:

Building a Vibrant Local Economy
Thursday, December 6 with Joanne Poyourow

Hyper-Locavoring - the joys, frustrations and blessings of living very very local
Tuesday, December 11 with Vicki Robin

See all upcoming events >>

New Recording

Heart & Mind of the Circle
In this teleconference, guest presenter Starhawk explored the personal sustainability that is the ground of effectiveness.  She discussed social permaculture—the principles and agreements that lead to healthy and functional groups—as well as the agreements we make with each other, the way we make decisions, and how we handle the conflicts that inevitably arise.


Post Carbon Institute Update

Transition US Partner | visit for more articles, reports and news screengrabOur brand new is live! brings you topical ARTICLES, a growing network of active community GROUPS, and a shared database of practical tools andRESOURCES. This site is for you, and all of the other amazing folks who are out there working to build resilience in their communities. Come check it out!



October Round Up of What's Happening Out in the World of Transition...

Building on the monthly roundup over at Rob's Transition Culture blog, here are some highlights of what's keeping Transition Initiatives busy across the US...

Read the full round up >>

Greywater Challenge



Let's mobilize of thousands of new residents, create innumerable sustainability actions provide the community networks and cross-sector collaborations needed to Transition our towns and cities across the US.

Banner photo: Transition Cadillac Area Community Harvest Celebration

Getting started

Transition US is a nonprofit organization that provides inspiration, encouragement, support, networking, and training for Transition Initiatives across the United States. We are working in close partnership with the Transition Network, a UK based organization that supports the international Transition Movement as a whole.


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