Building Partnerships and Coalitions with Existing Groups

Online (Free)
Tuesday, December 15, 2009 - 4:00pm


The early stages of Transition are focused on building relationships and laying a foundation of partnerships.  Doing these stages well will bring much greater success, and catalyze a more creative process in your community.

This webinar will help you move ahead more smoothly and with a lot more fun and excitement.  You’ll learn how to engage a very wide range of community groups in Transition and build a solid foundation (Steps 1 and 3) for “unleashing collective genius”.  You will participate in evaluating and designing successful awareness-raising events for diverse communities and networks  (Step 2).  You will receive help with your questions and learn:


  • How you can help diverse people come together and work together
  • How to engage existing environmental, climate, energy, peak oil, sustainability and other groups in Transition
  • How to respond when groups are focused on a single issue
  • What to do if there is conflict between groups
  • How to avoid some common pitfalls of new Transition groups


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