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Posted July 13, 2009 by Melinda Tuhus on New Haven Independent

Community gardens galore, a human-scaled transportation system, honor for elders and creative exploration for kids — these are some of the goals members of New Haven’s now-official Transition group “webbed” together at a kick-off celebration on Saturday evening (pictured) as they develop a local post-peak-oil future. First was the obligatory but delicious potluck dinner,...

Posted June 12, 2009 by Rita Robinson on Laguna Beach Independent

When Becky Prelitz started perusing some of her husband's books with titles such as "Power Down," "Peak Everything," "The Party's Over" and "The Final Energy Crisis," she got depressed. So depressed, in fact, about a future without endless inexpensive gasoline, electricity and water that she slept for six months. "It was too much doom and gloom so I...

Posted June 01, 2009 by Shaktari Belew on Sentient Times

Have you ever tried thinking of your life in terms of design? It can get very amusing pretty quickly. Try thinking about both the overall design of your life, what you do every day and why (the Meta design), as well as the design of simple tasks, like brushing your teeth or buying groceries (micro designs). If you were writing a design manual explaining the efficacy and efficiency of aspects of...

Posted May 01, 2009 by Lisa Chase on Elle magazine

Posted April 19, 2009 by Jon Mooallem on New York Times Magazine: Green Issue

Posted April 09, 2009 by Rachel Dowd on Whole Life Times

Posted November 10, 2008 by Judith Schwartz on

Posted September 11, 2008 by Judith Schwartz on Christian Science Monitor

Posted September 10, 2008 by Sarah Lewis on The Guardian

Posted September 02, 2007 by John-Paul Flintoff on The Sunday Times

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