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Transition Town Media
Current Status: Active
Year Founded: 2009
Summary of Activities: Our activities are currently curtailed a bit by COVID but our most active programs are: 1) Local farms, encouraging the growing of local food by organizing teams of volunteers to plant and maintain edible community and home gardens; 2) Green Sunday Holiday Fair, our annual event to support and promote local artisans and craftspeople sell their wares is moving online this year; 3) Media Curbside Composting, a collaborative effort with the Media Borough Council to begin a weekly curbside pickup of food scraps for composting, has been operating in pilot mode for 2 years, currently serving 220 families; 4) Circle of Aunts & Uncles, a low-interest business loan and support network for aspiring entrepreneurs; 5) Media Zero Waste, also collaborating with Borough Council to educate the public about recycling, reusing, and refusing options to reduce waste and build a circular economy; 6) Ready Together, our team participated in piloting the Ready Together Transition-Streets style course for emergency preparedness and is continuing to meet to support our own preparedness and to work with the Borough to improve the citizens' preparedness; 7) Micro-grid, a brand-new initiative to research and install a micro-grid in the Media/southeastern Delaware County area (Media is the county seat); 8) Community Visioning Dialogues, another new initiative that is bringing together 12 local community leaders plus 3 TTM members to discuss the current state of our country and to co-create a shared vision for our future.
Summary of Accomplishments: Over the years we have put on numerous educational events on subjects as diverse as Permaculture, edible home gardens, home energy efficiency, water conservation, reskilling workshops (canning, pasta making, furniture repair, etc), recycling and composting, local economy, and so on. We've held Gratitude events that brought local non-profits together to be acknowledged and to network with each other, local food events that brought farmers together and educated the public about the abundance of local food in the area, Solstice events to celebrate the seasons, potlucks to bring people together over food to learn about and discuss various projects. We held a Climate, Community, and Consciousness Summit in collaboration with the Findhorn Scotland Summit. We started a Timebank with over 300 members, a Swap Facebook page with 1500 members, and a FreeStore with about 50 volunteers, open 5 days / 22 hours per week which serves thousands of people (its FB page has over 9000 members). We ran a Solarize program that installed solar panels on 43 homes in our area, adding over 300kW to our electric grid. We contributed $2500 to supplement a Media business gift card registry to support local businesses during the COVID shutdown which resulted in $15,000 worth of gift cards sold to the participating businesses.
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