Organization Profile

Sustainable Charlotte Vermont
Current Status: Active
Year Founded: 2007
Summary of Activities: Transition Charlotte hosts two repair cafes each year. We also host an annual electronic waste collection and a weatherization project, working with WindowDressers of Maine, to create affordable window inserts for energy efficiency and warmth. We collaborate with the town's energy committee, conservation commission, Grange, Senior Center, Library, and Congregational church on many life-supporting projects, such as public food gardens, reading groups, speakers,.etc.
Summary of Accomplishments: 30 of us were trained to do "energy assessments" in private homes, educating residents on energy efficiency and water conservation, and guiding them where work was needed. Our repair cafes have been a huge success. We held a composting workshop and gave away backyard compost bins. Our annual electronic waste program has kept lots of waste out of our state's only landfill. And our WindowDressers program is keeping people warm in the winter months and saving energy and money.
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