Organization Profile

Connect Pelham and Neighbor to Neighbor
Current Status: Active
Year Founded: 2007
Summary of Activities: State grants offered the Pelham community an opportunity to create a more resilient community in the face of the effects of climate change. The grant helped Pelham to bring more energy efficient heating and cooling systems to the town buildings and included activities to create a deeper sense of community: a town potluck, community tag/garden sale, and a video of the Pelham 6th grade class interviewing their elders about how life was when they grew up, how food was produced, what kinds of transportation was available, and how they entertained themselves. These are the highlights, but there were many more activities and events. There is also a community group, Neighbor to Neighbor, that has been meeting for 10 years, to create a sense of community, help one another, and engage in other activities together.
Summary of Accomplishments: 20-minute video of the Pelham Elementary sixth grade students interviewing the elders of the community about life when they were growing up in Pelham. Highlights were how climate has changed the job of the Highway Department, how food was produced, and how people entertained themselves. What emerged was how connected the Pelham community was back then and how important this connection with one another was to handle crisis and other issues.
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