Organization Profile

Local 20/20
Current Status: Active
Year Founded: 2006
Port Townsend
Summary of Activities: Planning an internal “meet-and-greet” gathering with all of our 11 action groups this September, to be followed by a community-wide public “meet-and-greet." Health and Wellness has been working with the local Community Health Improvement Project (CHIP) and the local hospital with the goal of ensuring that every county resident has access to healthcare. Planning a Repair Café for early next year. Continuing to spread the use of our Taming Bigfoot carbon footprint reduction contest and calculator. Hosting monthly Climate-on-Tap talks. Working on a public art project to visually show sea-level rise projections for our waterfront community. Hosting monthly public art events every summer. Inaugurated a Little Free “Green” Library here in Port Townsend, specializing in a gift-economy of eco-friendly and “local-is-best” books and periodicals.
Summary of Accomplishments: Launched the North Olympic Exchange, a local chapter of a larger time-dollars network called the Fourth Corner Exchange, originating in Bellingham, which has spun off into its own entity. Organized upwards of 150 Neighborhoods for Emergency Preparedness, in partnership with our county’s Department of Emergency Management. Created, and now support, an annual All County Picnic themed around emergency preparedness, with Summer 2019 being its sixth year running. At the picnic, more neighborhood organizers are recruited each year, and now close to 150 neighborhoods are engaged in some degree of self-organization for cooperative EP efforts. Spearheaded changing the electric company from a private corporation to a publicly-owned utility. Held multiple community events about “sustainability,” including hosting Transition Trainer Tina Clarke for a series of four community events, screenings of “Fixing the Future” and “Tomorrow," a Farming Film Festival, and multiple Northwest Earth Institute discussion courses. Started community gardens and a gleaners group. Created a walking-times map for trails and key pedestrian routes, posted at all transit shelters and bus stops. Launched Taming Bigfoot, a carbon-footprint contest and helped spread it locally and beyond. Hosted a variety of educational events related to energy and climate issues. Have been sending-out weekly announcements for many years. Currently have just under 1,000 self-chosen recipients on the list. Provided input and feedback related to the sustainability and resilience of the City and County for inclusion in their plans and policies. Our Local Investment Opportunities Network (LION) has provided over $7 million in community-based, non-bank loans for local business owners and entrepreneurs, and has become a national and international model. Helped launch the SCALLOPS (Sustainable Communities All Over Puget Sound) network. Quimper Community Harvest delivered a total of 4,981 pounds of locally grown fruit to organizations and food banks in Jefferson County in 2017.
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