Organization Profile

Woodstock NY Transition
Current Status: Active
Year Founded: 2011
New York
Summary of Activities: Woodstock NY Transition is currently comprised of eight established, self-organized working groups, one project group, and one group in formation. Our Garden Share group hosts monthly meetings at different farms and gardens, which include potlucks, guest speakers and demonstrations, in support of sustainable, local food production. Our energy group puts on events to inform and engage residents in energy efficiency and green energy technologies. WOW (Woodstock Organic Waste) facilitates the separation of organic waste for composting at town-wide events, and works toward the establishment of an organic waste hauling system. Our Annual Film Series is planning its eighth year of films, presentations, and community conversations to inform, inspire, and engage attendees in regenerative solutions. Repair Café Woodstock offers quarterly, free repair clinics with snacks, where neighbors help neighbors. Hudson Valley Current @ Woodstock is developing a network of users for the local currency, to strengthen community bonds, and build a resilient economic system. Working Group Support provides assistance with effective group process and growth through conflict resolution. Publicity and Outreach manages our website and Facebook page, and produces print materials. The Ask First project group is developing an implementation plan to a recently adopted Town Resolution to reduce plastic waste in food establishments. Finally, the Source Water Protection group is in active formation. Representatives from each of the working groups meet monthly as the Working Group Council to share successes and challenges, in support of the growth of the Transition Town Movement in the Woodstock area.
Summary of Accomplishments: Our first accomplishment is not only that we remain in existence, but we also have a positive stature in our highly engaged (and opinionated) community. We harmoniously collaborate on programs and events with the town government and a number of nonprofits. We worked long and hard in our early days (2013) to establish and document our organizational structure, which has served us well without any modifications to date. In planning for its eighth year, the Annual Film Series has become an anticipated community event series during the quieter winter and early spring months, featuring films, live presentations, and community conversations to inform, inspire, and engage attendees in regenerative solutions. Attendance at the four 2018 events topped 350. WOW facilitates the separation of organic waste for composting at highly attended town events, including the weekly Woodstock Farm Festival and town sponsored Holiday dinners. In 2015, our energy group coordinated the NY State sponsored Solarize program in the Woodstock area. Approximately 300 people attended community workshops and solar home tours to learn about the Solarize group purchasing program from vetted vendors. Dozens followed up with site assessments, and 37 home photovoltaic systems were installed under the program. In its third year, Repair Cafe Woodstock has a growing volunteer list, and has become a place to go not just for free repairs, but to bask in its positive community spirit.
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