Organization Profile

Cooperation Humboldt
Current Status: Active
Year Founded: 2017
Humboldt County
Summary of Activities: Cooperation Humboldt helps to build a solidarity economy on California’s North Coast. We support existing cooperative efforts and create new solutions where needed. A solidarity economy empowers us to meet our needs in harmony with nature, without exploiting anyone. It puts people and planet over profit by prioritizing collaboration over competition and cooperation over domination.
Summary of Accomplishments: The following Program Areas are active, with individual projects indentified: Art & Culture (Annual Artists Dismantling Capitalism conference, Theater of the Oppressed, Humboldt Artists Guild, Artists Live/Work/Gallery space), Care & Wellness (Advocacy for CA Single-Payer, Child Care Coop, partnership with Middleway Network), Economic Democracy (Public Banking, Participatory Budgeting, Incubating worker-owned cooperatives), Food (Little Free Pantries, Public Food Forest, Edible Garden Tour, Food Not Lawns), Housing (Student Housing Cooperative, Eco-Village), and Tool Library & Skill Share.
Phone: 707-362-0333
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