Organization Profile

Wilmington in Transition
Current Status: Active
Year Founded: 2009
Summary of Activities: Wilmington in Transition is currently a small core group of committed individuals who meet regularly to share information, do outreach, and organized local events. We do not currently have standing working groups (though, in the past we have had them - including food, economics, outreach, and transportation), we create ad-hoc working groups as needed to organize events or address issues. We always encourage folks to join us so we can expand our capacity to do more events and actions, but currently, our group works to leverage our effectiveness by forging alliances with other local groups. We work with others to scale up impacts and outcomes, while also introducing the Transition Movement's ideas and knowledge into groups we understand to be allies in "doing" transition.
Summary of Accomplishments: Wilmington in Transition has hosted local talks, film screenings, and educational events to raise awareness about building community resilience and decreasing our carbon footprints. We host skill shares, seed swaps, eco-tours, and pop-up "Free Markets", as well as hosting an annual Local Sustainable Holiday Fair - which over the past nine years has supported numerous local businesses and kept thousands of holiday shopping dollars in our local economy. WIT allies with others, and helped to bring the first dedicated bike lane to the city, as a result of recurring "better block" envisioning events. Currently, WIT is a partner in Windows of Hope: a local low-cost, custom-built interior storm window community-powered production enterprise.
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