Organization Profile

Transition Albuquerque
Current Status: Active
Year Founded: 2015
New Mexico
Summary of Activities: The only Transition ABQ program which is currently active is our Permablitz. The Permablitz mailing list has about 60-70 names. Once a member/householder has done a site assessment with two Permaculture-trained people, an email goes out to the listserve describing the work to be done: building raised beds or hoop houses, sifting compost, pruning, planting, etc. On a given date (usually Saturday or Sunday) from 8:30 to 11:30am, a group of 7-12 people show up and do the work. A potluck lunch follows.
Summary of Accomplishments: Monthly educational program and potluck for 20-40 people with guest speakers, documentary film screenings, etc.
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