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Transition Fort Collins
Current Status: Active
Year Founded: 2011
Fort Collins
Summary of Activities: We are moving forward with the tiny home group we started five years ago. We merged with a tiny home Facebook group and two of us stepped up to legalize tiny homes on wheels in the county land use plan. The plan still needs ratification, so two people are supporting the working group on that. Two of us are working on a Transition Lab that currently does cottage foods and exchanges work for learning in a backyard garden. We hold the intention of finding a person or two to help to get their own cottage food business going. If we find them, we will invite them to partner in a business alliance which would cooperatively purchase and market at farmers markets and craft fairs. We already do learning exchanges by offering teaching on canning, drying, sewing, worm keeping, fermenting, etc. Two of us have signed up to partner with Transition U, a working group of Transition US. We will be helping students do their own community projects in the community. We would be happy to offer our connections to groups working on climate policy and legislation at the state, regional, and state levels, which we think would excite students.
Summary of Accomplishments: We have kept the original group that fell apart going for six years. We have hosted the building of six tiny homes and the start of a tiny home manufacturing business. We got our city to adopt a climate action plan and worked with other groups to do so, including a student group. We hosted a Transition Streets training with our city utilities department. We got into the finals for an innovation grant for a Green Renters program, which we didn't get, but we went ahead and ran the class with university students who did projects.
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