Organization Profile

Sebastopol Grange #306
Current Status: Active
Year Founded: 2001
Summary of Activities: The Sebastopol Grange is a fraternal organization, in Sebastopol since 1879. The Grange meets twice monthly. We build community by offering the use of our Grange Hall for community initiatives including: a seed exchange, Nonviolent Communication training, permaculture meetings, community movies, speech and music presentations, and an annual craft fair. We also offer scholarships to members and their children. We host twice monthly music jams. We support other local groups by allowing the use of our Hall for their events and fundraisers. We also provide volunteer support for activities in our area such as the Blue Grass Festival, The Fermentation Festival, the Apple Festival, and others.
Summary of Accomplishments: The Grange has a membership of 125 people. We have donated thousands of dollars in scholarships, and thousands of dollars in direct support for community non-profits. We maintain our Grange Hall and have donated tens of thousands of dollars worth of use of the Hall to local community events. We have hosted thousands of people each year from the community for educational and political events over the last 10 years.
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