3 Year National Power-Building Campaign

Informed by the 2019-2021 Transition US strategic planning journey, the urgency of many compounding crisis, and inspired by the courage, creativity, and leadership of frontline communities, ReGeneration Nation is a 3 year project that will focus on nurturing a network ecosystem of regenerative communities actively sharing and co-creating the messages, models, and resources needed to reimagine and rebuild our world. 

Annual Conference

“Deeply Invested in the spirit of transformation and community-led strategy, participants came together over the course of 16 days to form a “virtual village” connecting with cultural leaders, change agents, and comrades through programming designed to instigate heartfelt and courageous  reflection as well as thoughtful and committed action”…

A Movement Rooted In Action: The 2021 ReGenerative Communities Summit, Read the full Summit Recap by Jess Alvarez Parfrey on Shareable! 

Neighborhood Resilience Handbook

Transition Streets is a project that works on a neighborhood scale, bringing together clusters of households to go through a user-friendly handbook to help each participant reduce household energy, water, waste, and transportation miles, and save money in the process.

We are also currently piloting Transition Streets On-A-Budget and Transition Streets Water-Saving Edition.

Emergency Preparedness & Resilience Guide

Resilient & Ready Together

What will we do to keep ourselves, our families, and our communities safe in times of disaster? Ready Together is a program that prepares our households and neighborhoods to respond in a collaborative and coordinated way. We are collaborating with NewStories and the Emergency Manager for the City of Renton’s Office of Emergency Management to develop a community preparedness program designed to help you and your community become resilient in the face of change. This program consists of a series of workshops, webinars and the centerpiece, “Ready Together: A Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Handbook.”

Online and In-Person Training

Training Courses

Nobody ever said that changing the world would be easy. However, through highly-interactive courses, Transition US-certified trainers are here to share best practices from around the world and help you avoid common pitfalls, accelerate your development and expand your impact. You will form meaningful and long-lasting connections with other participants, receive powerful resources to bring back to your group, and leave inspired and energized to tackle the work ahead.

Available Courses

Regenerative Leadership for Social Change, formally known as Transition Launch, is designed to provide you with everything you need to set-up and run a community resilience-building initiative right where you live. Over the course of two days (in-person) or eight weeks (online), you will gain a clearer understanding of the global crises we are facing, explore the Transition approach to community organizing, participate in guided visioning, The Work That Reconnects, and Open Space Technology, and create a detailed action plan for you and your organization.

Transition Thrive can be thought of as the sequel to Transition Launch Training. While Launch focuses on the first few steps of the Transition process – understanding the global context, forming an initiating group, raising awareness, and cultivating partnerships with like-minded organizations – Thrive builds upon this foundation to provide answers to how to broaden, deepen, and scale up the impacts of local community resilience-building initiatives over time.

How can we work together without replicating hierarchical structures or getting too bogged-down in group processes? In this two-day (in-person) or six-week (online) training, you will learn how to foster a healthy group culture, develop shared purpose, transform conflicts into opportunities for growth, run efficient, inclusive, and enjoyable meetings, choose among a variety of decision-making strategies, and sustain member motivation and involvement over time.

Communicate your passion for Transition in a way that engages, informs, and inspires! During this one-day (in-person) or four-week (online) workshop, you will develop your “elevator pitch,” learn how to connect with diverse audiences, and respond skillfully to difficult questions. By the end of this course, you will have everything you need (including a customizable PowerPoint template) to begin making dynamic presentations throughout your local community and beyond.