Transition US

Most of us know that we can get swept up by the unexpected – a wildfire, a hurricane, a pandemic, or a drastic change in government policy. We can prepare as best as we can, but we can be even more successful getting prepared with the people around us.

With Ready Together you’ll get prepared, and connected. The self-guided emergency preparedness handbook will help neighbors work together to prepare for the impacts of disasters of any kind. Even if your 82 year old neighbor on the corner with a walker can’t come to your sessions, you’re going to remember she’s there and include her in any neighborhood preparedness plans. Outreach guides will help you do this and facilitation guides will provide the support you need during each session.

Transition US started Ready Together after spending years working with communities across the US to help them transition towards resilient, local, and more satisfying ways of living in their communities. In developing Ready Together, Transition US turned to two partners, NewStories which has broad experience working in areas hit with disasters in the US as well as globally, and the City of Renton’s Office of Emergency Management which is connected regionally and nationally to those in the disaster field.

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