REconomy Project: Building Resilient Local Economies

We believe it is both possible and necessary to build a just, regenerative economy that enhances ecological stewardship and quality of life.

Our new REconomy Report "25 Enterprises that Build Resilience" is now live!

Download the report.

Want support in catalyzing a REconomy project or resilience-building enterprise in your community? Join our REconomy Cohort! Register by October 30th to participate.

REconomy is a model for creating local, low-carbon economies that foster and support community resilience in the face of economic instability, resource scarcity, and climate change. REconomy equips Transition leaders to convene local economic stakeholders to design, map, and implement a new economic vision, identifying opportunities to cultivate local, low carbon businesses and supply chains to meet community needs, reducing the community’s carbon footprint and keeping wealth in the community.

Launched in the UK in 2010, the award-winning REconomy model has led to the creation of inspiring Transition enterprises and livelihoods ranging from co-operative bakeries and bike shops to community clean energy companies, and it’s just getting started! The potential for economic transformation is massive.

Transition US is excited to be working with Transition Network, local Transition Initiatives, and other partners to bring REconomy to the US. We invite you to explore the resources below to start learning about REconomy, what it could look like in your community, and what it will take to prepare your Transition Initiative to embark on this powerful work.

REconomy resources:

REconomy-related TeleSeminar Recordings:

REconomy-related Websites & Additional Resources:

  • Essential Knowledge for Transition (ek4t) - a collection of resources to help you understand our broken monetary, financial, and economic systems - and how we can shift these systems to better serve our communities. Compiled by Marco Vangelisti.

“We propose that what could be produced and provided here should be, where there is a net benefit overall. We are not suggesting that 100% of our requirements should or could be met locally. There has always been trade across the region, country and the globe, and always will be, to some extent though this will reduce for physical goods at least as fuel prices rise. Some people might see this approach as protectionism, the opposite of free trade. We argue that we are most interested in the best outcomes for our community…and that we are looking to stop the leakage of money that could be retained in our own economy, providing jobs  and essential goods and services for local people, in a sustainable and equitable way.”

-Transition Town Totnes Economic Blueprint

Cheerful disclaimer: like the rest of Transition, the REconomy Project is an experiment, a real live economic laboratory at community level, and we are all learning as we go. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we share stories and resources that seem to work, based on our current understanding, and with the best of intentions. The REconomy Project is part of the Transition Network.

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