ReGeneration Nation is a three year project that will focus on nurturing a network ecosystem of regenerative communities actively sharing and co-creating the messages, models, and resources needed to reimagine and rebuild our world.

Regeneration, as meme and mode of being, speaks to a life-affirming and justice-oriented suite of solutions that is inspiring rememberance, repair reimagination of everything from employment, education, to our food and financial systems, housing and healthcare.

By providing increased mentoring and support for grassroots initiatives, uplifting the next generation of regenerative leaders, and fostering regional collaboration, Regeneration Nation will serve to rapidly increase the visibility, capacity, and impact of the regenerative communities movement at this critical time.



ReGenerative Communities Design Lab

Let’s unleash our collective genius and imagination across the regions. Let’s share our knowledge and resources to build a better world. 

R4 Workshop Series

Working through and with the themes of ResistRepairReimagine, and Regenerate, come together in co-creation of an intercultural and intergenerational network of regenerative communities working together to design, adapt, and share the messages, models, and resources needed to reimagine and rebuild our world.

ReGeneration Corps

ReGeneration Corps is a network-powered intergenerational and intercultural leadership and livelihood program that will build political and economic power in support of just and regenerative communities focusing on the local-regional nexus. ReGeneration Corps (RC) intends to train, resource and mobilize dozens of emerging leaders to grow and amplify the essential work of building the ReGenerative Communities movement in this time of transformation and transition.

ReGeneration Corps Network

ReGeneration Corps Network represents the living systems view and the critical infrastructure needed to support the ReGeneration Corps program and broader ReGeneration Nation campaign. Our work to build regenerative communities requires place-based relationship building and investment.

Week Of Action

This Fall join communities across the country who are coming together to demonstrate the courage, creativity, and joy that is needed to truly reimagine and rebuild our world. We are calling all people who believe we must meaningfully move beyond extraction, inequity, and injustice to join us for a week of living into the work and play of creating thriving, resilient, and regenerative communities!