Toolkit - Awareness Building

Help People Access Good Information and Trust Them to Make Good Decisions

  • Transition initiatives dedicate themselves, through all aspects of their work, to raising awareness of peak oil and climate change and related issues such as critiquing economic growth. In doing so they recognize the responsibility to present this information in ways which are playful, articulate, accessible and engaging, and which enable people to feel enthused and empowered rather than powerless.
  • Transition initiatives focus on telling people the closest version of the truth that we know in times when the information available is deeply contradictory.
  • The messages are non‐directive, respecting each person’s ability to make a response that is appropriate to their situation.

The following are recommended resources, sorted by category, for helping raise personal and community awareness.  If you have a resource you would like us to consider for inclusion here please let us know.

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