Constitutions & Charters

All organisations need some kind of governing document. This can be a constitution or "rules". Some people would prefer to drive a nail into their skull than tackle this, but it's got to be done otherwise there's no real point of reference for the group or organisation. And in several cases it's a legal requirement.

We're hoping that community groups that become formal bodies will incorporate their democratic and inclusive ethos within their foundation documents.

Further down the line, if it looks like there's a significant commonality among initiatives, then perhaps the Transition Network will produce a standard one. However, we do see some benefit gained in the process of putting together your own unique governing documents (even if it's a pain in the neck)!

One point of concern from initiatives around the world is potential involvement by extreme political groups. One way to reduce the likelihood of this happening is to explicitly state in your constitution that you support the UN Declaration of Human Rights. That will prevent members joining who belong to groups that have discrimination as one of their core values.

- from the Transition Primer v26

Here are some sample constitutions (click to download):

  • Transition Sebastopol - CA [pdf]
  • Transition Keene - Keene, NH [pdf]
  • Transition PDX - Portland, OR [pdf]
  • Transition Town Media - Media, PA [doc]
  • Transition Van Buren-Allegan - Fennville, MI [doc][pdf]
  • Transition Falmouth - England [doc]
  • Transition Letchworth - England (Proposal) [doc]

...and a charter (click to download):

  • Transition Louisville - Louisville, KY: Initiating Committee Interim Charter [doc]


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