Transition Speakers Bureau

Transition Talks are an excellent and vital way of raising awareness in your communities. We recognize that not every community has that special someone who can speak (in front of a crowd no less) to the complexities surrounding the multi-dimensional crisis, and the hope that the Transition model provides.

There are a growing number of accomplished and knowledgeable Transition leaders available for speaking engagements, all of whom have a proven track record of effectiveness. They can speak to a wide variety of audiences, including businesses, local government, community groups and schools. Our speakers have informed and inspired thousands of people all over the world, with a message of hope for a vibrant, resilient and abundant future.

If you would like to invite a Transition US speaker to participate in your event please visit the new centralized listing.


Want To Be Added To The List?

Our mother organization, Transition Network, has launched a central database of speakers across the globe and you are invited to add yourself to the growing list.  Simply create/edit your profile on the Transition Network website and under 'User Profile' check the box next to "Speaker" about half way down the page. 

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