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Announcing a Leadership Transition

Dear Friends of Transition US (and beyond),

We write to you today to share important news with the Transition community.

Collecting E-Waste as a Project

Written by Ruah Swennerfelt of Transition Town Charlotte Vermont

11 Transition Projects Funded By Our Community Resilience Stimulus Fund

Back in April, Transition US launched a Community Resilience Stimulus Fund to help cover a major budget shortfall caused by the pandemic and support Transition leaders in need to continue and expand their essential work. Thanks to 79 generous donors who contributed a total of $14,318 to the Fund through the end of May, we were able to retain our four part-time staff and provide stimulus funding for 11 community resilience leaders throughout the country.

Transition Twin Cities Supporting Students of Color Involved in Resilient and Regenerative Agriculture

Scholarship recipients, Naomy Candelaria (left) and Priscilla Trinh (right).

Transition leaders Leslie MacKenzie and Peter Foster are supporting young students of color from the University of Minnesota by funding their research and studies in resilient and regenerative agriculture. Learn more about how recipients Priscilla Trinh and Naomy Candelaria will be making the most of this support!

2019 Year in Review

The Transition Movement here in the US continued to grow in 2019 and Transition US took many positive steps this year to support the flourishing of an even larger and more cohesive US Transition network in the future. Read our 2019 Year in Review to learn more!

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