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Awareness Raising on Economy, Climate, and Energy

by David MacLeod, Transition Whatcom

After having held numerous small scale events, Transition Whatcom held it's first larger scale Awareness Raising on October 1st with an event entitled “Economic Instability, Climate Change, and The End of Cheap Oil: The Gathering Storm?” 

Economic Advisory Council for Transition US

Besides peak oil and climate change, there are two other great challenges that the Transition movement faces in this country:

How can we strengthen the economic resilience of individual communities?
How can we fund the movement so that our Transition Initiatives are resilient, self-reliant, and sustainable?

An inspiring day of climate action

We had to recap some of the wonderful events that took place across the globe on Saturday, October 24, 2009. These events continue to inspire an ever growing community people calling for action on climate change. Transition Initiatives in the US answered the call to action and, in collaboration with many other organization, put together events across the country.

Transition Initiatives set for Day of Climate Action!

Our friends over at are organizing an international Day of Climate Action on Saturday October 24 (read Bill McKibben's letter to the transition community). So far, people in more than 181 nations are taking part -— it's shaping up to be to be the biggest day of grassroots action on global warming ever with over 4500 events and rallies planned worldwide. Send us your photos from your local 350 event!

How can we create a resilient, sustainable local economy that we would love to work and live in?

Update by Leo Brodie

In September, Sustainable NE Seattle featured the theme  "Local Economy." The series included speakers at our monthly general meeting, two movies, an Open Space event, and a Barter Faire. The Open Space Event posed the question: "How can we create a resilient, sustainable local economy that we would love to work and live in?"

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