11 Transition Projects Funded By Our Community Resilience Stimulus Fund

Back in April, Transition US launched a Community Resilience Stimulus Fund to help cover a major budget shortfall caused by the pandemic and support Transition leaders in need to continue and expand their essential work. Thanks to 79 generous donors who contributed a total of $14,318 to the Fund through the end of May, we were able to retain our four part-time staff and provide stimulus funding for 11 community resilience leaders throughout the country.

Here are just some of the inspiring and impactful projects your stimulus funds are helping to make possible:

A happy recipient of one of Cooperation Humboldt’s mini-gardens.

Cooperation Humboldt: In Humboldt County, California, Cooperation Humboldt is providing "mini-gardens" filled with soil and plant starts for low-income residents who wish to grow at least some of their own food. They are also continuing to coordinate mutual aid for individuals and families in need during the pandemic and have recently started a new program to incubate worker-owned cooperative businesses.

WeBeeGardeners: In close partnership with Transition Berkeley and the NorCal Resilience Network, WeBeeGardeners has stewarded Ashby Gardens as one of 20 Resilience Hubs located throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Their project “Plants for the People” will address local food insecurity by providing fresh and healthy foods to grassroots groups that support food insecure, unhoused, elderly, and undocumented individuals who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic. They are also cultivating a community of gardeners who are actively trading seeds, growing seedlings, and donating produce.

Eco Vista Transition Initiative: In Southern California, one of our newest official initiatives is a multi-generational collaboration between college students and local residents to bring about a just transition in their Isla Vista community. The seed-grant we are providing through the Community Resilience Stimulus Fund will enable them to grow their capacity and apply for grants that will sustain and accelerate their work in the future. 

Transition South Pasadena: An organizer with Transition South Pasadena is starting a new Victory Garden Exchange. Through this program, she will help people who already have growing space to set up their own gardens at home, and link those who don’t with neighbors who have a yard they can use. Educational workshops will also be held via Zoom to provide support for beginning gardeners.

Transition Howard Country: On the other side of the country, members of Transition Howard County in Maryland are currently refurbishing a shed to serve as a community Tool Library, using their stimulus funds for the procurement of tools and building of workstations. This Tool Library will, in turn, become a launching pad for creating an even more extensive makerspace in the future.

Tool library and makerspace started by Sustainable NE Seattle, an official Transition Initiative.

Transition Framingham: In Massachusetts, Transition Framingham is embarking on a project called Honoring the Elders: Memories of a low-energy past to inspire the low-energy future. They plan to interview elders of diverse backgrounds to capture stories from an earlier time when lower energy use was more common and resiliency skills were more widespread. These stories will provide a roadmap for community members to learn “lost skills from the past.” Another related effort is also underway to make Framingham's homes healthier, reduce carbon emissions, and lower residential energy bills.

Inner Resilience Network: The national Inner Resilience Network will be using their stimulus funds to continue and expand their work on behalf of the Transition Movement here in the US. This will include a complete redesign of their current website, a online Connection Cafe educational series, a new support group for inner resilience leaders, and a crowd-sourced handbook offering best practices, tools, and stories for cultivating inner resilience.

Collaborative Design Council: One of the seed-grants we have made to volunteer leaders of our national Collaborative Design Council will help to provide enhanced support for members, including researching and developing new communications platforms, and facilitating effective online practices. The other will enable its Systems Design Working Group to improve and formalize other CDC processes, increasing the group’s visibility, strengthening its recruitment of new members, and providing needed administrative support.

In addition to the projects described above, donations to our Community Resilience Stimulus Fund have also enabled Transition US to provide more free skill-building webinars and National Network Calls for Transition leaders, pilot Ready Together: A Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Handbook, and engage in the moment we’re living through by participating in Transition Network’s Conflict Transformation Summit and publishing a “Statement in Solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter.” We will soon be launching a year-long national campaign around the theme of “From What Is to What If” and offering a 16-week online course in “Regenerative Leadership for Social Change.”

Thanks to everybody who participated in this Community Resilience Stimulus Fund by donating to or sharing this campaign! With your help, we hope to provide more collaborative fundraising opportunities like this in the future.

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