2010 Transition Cascadia Regional Summit

On September 16, 2010, 78 Transition leaders from Northwest US states and neighboring Canadian provinces met in Seattle to inspire, support and educate each other. The event was the first regional Transition gathering in the Northwest, but already, we are looking forward to the next.

Here is a recap of the day by Carolyne Stayton, followed with video and audio recordings, as well as notes from the sessions. Many thanks to all who attended and made this event possible!

Highlights of the NW Transition Convergence
Seventy people converged on Seattle. They came from Canada (Vancouver and Saltspring Island), from as far east as Cleveland OH, Montana and Idaho. As far south as Northern California (me), Eugene and Portland OR. Around Washington State several people came from rural areas east of the Cascades, from the Islands outlying Seattle and from the larger centers of Bellingham, Olympia and Everett. A hearty contingent from Transition NE Seattle hosted the gathering. 
What was most noticeable were the ordinary people being exceptional by engaging their communities in extraordinary ways. Vancouver brought the example of their local car-free day produced by pods responsible for discreet activities without master plan, but with the serendipitous coming together of the fantastic work of the pods to create a grand array of music, art, food, celebration. Methow Valley in NE Washington brought their brilliant work of galvanizing the community using emergency preparedness as the organizing principle. Added to this were music and entertainment, local tasty food, balloons and circus activities for the kids and deep buy in through their dogged work of creating many community partnerships. Their promotional activity of “Mapping Your Neighborhood” excited residents to build out the asset map of each neighborhood and created deeper neighbor-to-neighbor connectivity.
We also viscerally celebrated the brilliance of a number of people at a dozen or so open space tables. The Great Unleashings of Transition Whatcom (NW Washington) and Transition Sandpoint in Idaho were noted with enthusiasm and a Heart and Soul gathering convened by David Johnson was packed with participants and thoughtfully deep in sharing and discussions.
Through panel presentations, open space discussions and small group dialogue we came to the end of a fantastic day of learning, loving and inspiring each other only to set up the team that will host and create next year’s NW Transition Convergence.


8:30-9:30 - Meet, greet, light breakfast

9:30 - 10:00 - Welcome by Carolyne Stayton, Executive Director of Transition US, followed by introductions (plenary)

10:00 - 10:50
Exceptional Events: a panel moderated by Carol Flax of Transition Whidbey, describing events that were successfully executed by various Transition groups. The panel includes presentations by Kristi Laguzza-Boosman of Method Valley Community Preparedness, Barbara Greene of Transition Reno, Randy Chatterjee of Village Vancouver TTI, Susan Gregory of Sustainable NE Seattle, and Carol Flax.



Planning an Unleashing: a panel moderated by Karen Lanphear of Transition Sandpoint, and featuring Richard Kuhnel (Sandpoint) and David MacLeod (Transition Whatcom)

Audio recording of the panel (the first speaker is Karen Lanphear) (43:54):
Download (right-click and Save As)

Resources: More info the activity breakdown of the Whatcom Unleashing & Schedule



Interweaving with other groups and on multiple scales: a panel discussion about two challenges that Transition Handbook doesn't address: working on the scale of a large city and interacting with an abundance of sustainability groups already active in your area. Moderated by Cindi Landreth of Transition Whatcom, and featuring Jana Vanderhaar of Transition Reno, Jim Newcomer of Transition PDX, and Cathy Tuttle of Transition Seattle.

Watch the video on YouTube (59:14)

Starting and Nurturing a Heart & Soul group: This session used the format for Heart & Soul meetings in Transition PDX (Portland) to explore the challenges and questions that arise for Heart & Soul groups within the context of Transition. Moderated by David Johnson of Transition PDX.

Audio recording of the discussion (thanks to Thomas Allen) (55:15):
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12:00-1:15: Lunch! Yum!

1:15 - 3:50
Open Space. Facilitated by Deanna Martin of Dynamic Facilitation Associates.

View all Open Space session notes

Plenary circle: Sharing observations from Open Space sessions

Sharing observations from Open Space sessions


5:00-6:00 Dinner!

Next steps: after-dinner conversation on Regional Cooperation and next conference.
Notes from the conversation

group photo

Group photo at the end of the day (unfortunately some people had to leave earlier in the day so they were missed) // View full album

The Transitory Transition Exhibition

A silent show-and-tell featured various group's photos, posters, banners, event displays or other memorabilia.

show and tell flyers


The meals for this event were lovingly prepared from scratch by Chris Wolf of Transition Whatcom, using locally-grown, organic produce -- most of it straight from the farmers. Vicki Robin wrote a sweet blog post about Chris Wolf's fabulous meals in relation to Vicki's own 10-mile diet.


Photos by Shelby Tay. Videos by Leo Brodie.

- reposted from Transition Seattle with many thanks to Leo Brodie

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