7 Minutes for a Resilient Generation

Evan Frisch, father and fellow Transitioner, contacted us about a survey he designed for Transition Initiative organizers to identify their aspirations, challenges, and experiences regarding teens and Transition. We were so excited about this project that we want to ask TI organizers to help Evan by checking out the survey and contributing their experiences and perspective.

Click here to go to the survey and please respond by April 10th! [The survey is now closed see links to survey results below].
When Evan has completed the survey evaluation, he'll share the results with the list, so we can all learn more about strengthening our network across the generations.
Below is a portion of the letter Evan sent that provides some good food for thought. And remember, if you’re a TI organizer, please take a moment to respond to his survey! Thanks!
[..] Several factors prompted my interest in this topic.  First, as the father of a daughter who is approaching her teens, I know that working with Transition Albany resonated deeply with each of us.  I would like to find ways to allow my daughter and other young people to discover more opportunities to connect with Transition and find their voices, particularly during their teen years.  
In addition, while I believe that some Transition initiatives have identified successful approaches to incorporating the energy and abilities of youth in their communities, I know that, for other initiatives, this can be a struggle or simply a mystery.  I am sure that you would agree that Transition needs to be inclusive in order to achieve its potential; for a movement that seeks to change our way of living, inclusion of youth is an imperative.  
Understanding the challenges we face and sharing lessons from our successes can help us to come closer to our potential.  Engaging teens more fully in Transition is a way to introduce new thinking, skills, and vitality, which could be especially welcome contributions to those Transition initiatives where most tasks seem to fall upon the shoulders of a core group of dedicated members. 
Finally, I am exploring ways to provide teens with opportunities to engage in social entrepreneurship to build resilience in local businesses and organizations.  This survey and the conversations that may follow from it will help me to understand the receptiveness of Transition organizers to collaboration with such efforts.
The survey will address topics such as:
  • The actions that Transition groups have taken to encourage teen participation and their results
  • The challenges that organizers face in promoting the engagement of teens in Transition
  • The ways in which teens participate in Transition initiatives
Evan Frisch
Click here to go to the survey and please respond by April 10th! [The survey is now closed].
April 2012 UPDATE:
The survey results are in! Thank you again, Evan for your inspired initiative and thorough report back!

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