The Age of Actualization: A Handbook for Growing Elder Culture

Are you curious about growing an elders culture in your community? Alexandra Hart and David "Lucky" Goff of the Transition Sebastopol, CA Elders Salon have released a new book based on their experiences.

The Age of Actualization: A Handbook for Growing Elder Culture is a direct outcome from the November, 2013 Teleseminar “Creating an Elders’ Community: How & Why.” A short pdf version has been available but this full-fledged book is more comprehensive and has been designed by authors David “Lucky” Goff and Alexandra Hart to also raise funds for Transition U.S. — a portion of the proceeds of each book sale will go to TUS!

The Age of Actualization points to social practices that create community at any age and especially addresses what is beautiful and poignant about growing older. Isolation is broken, and elders can awake to a host of fulfilling experiences in a community of peers.

Surprising discoveries accompany aging! There is an elder awakening happening — older people are vital like they have never been before. Greying turns out to be ripening into something special!

Long life experience, overcoming and surviving hardships, being utterly unique and comfortable in oneself: these are ingredients of true wisdom. It turns out that old people thrive when they get together. Discovering themselves through one another uncovers secrets our culture has lost. These secrets reveal freedom, happiness, and the uniqueness of one’s being in later life.

If enough of this new generation of older people can attain Elderhood, their gifts of perspective and collective wisdom could guide humanity to a new understanding of the possibilities of a well-developed and mature population.

This 200 page book is now available online or can be purchased directly from the authors in Sebastopol, CA by contacting Retail price is $11.95.

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