Ann Arbor 350 Blitz

Transition Ann Arbor partnered with Ann Arbor 350 on the 350 blitz to put up stickers, buttons, posters and more all over town on December 11, during the Copenhagen Climate Conference.

The event had a group in each of 2 locations. The downtown one started at our People’s Food Co-op which offered us warm hospitality in the form of hot drinks, snacks and a table to assemble materials. They created a large 350 poster for their window.

A hearty group of 11 including 5 youth ages 7-13 set out in the 15 degree weather with high spirits and dressed to stay warm posting signs, stickers, tree ornaments and passing out small info notes to passers by.  Several blocks later, we met up with the biking coalition’s monthly ride around town to give them a warm send-off. They decided to feature 350 for their ride and wrote a clever and rousing 350 song which we all joined voices to sing vigorously as they prepared to leave. Our numbers swelled a bit and we moved on blitzing with renewed energy. 

We plan to continue blitzing and include some larger installations at public places. How to get to 350 is the next big organizing effort that Transition Ann Arbor has already begun to frame starting in neighborhoods.  

Why a 350 Blitz now?

Scientists say that 350 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere is the safe limit for humanity. We are almost at 390 and need to get back to 350 with all due speed. (See “Why 350”)  As hopes of a meaningful deal at the Copenhagen Climate Talks currently taking place,  global actions are taking place to protest against the failure of world leaders to make progress on this critical issue. Read more. Here in Ann Arbor, folks continuing a “350 BLITZ” focused on spreading 350 all over town. Next steps are being formulated as well. Please join in!


Goal: Post 350 images everywhere! Make images and put them up all over Ann Arbor where folks will see them and get curious.

How to:

1)  Spread the word. Talk to friends, family, neighbors… about 350. Wearing a button invites questions.

2) Using recycled materials, of course, create all sorts of stickers, signs, notes, banners, posters (see list of ideas below; add more on the website) featuring the number 350 prominently. Adding the website,, less prominently gives folks a way to connect and get more info. Make them yourself or in your circles of family, friends, classmates, church folks…

3) Join in blitzing by posting your images in highly visible areas such as intersections. Gathering a few friends or family and going out at dusk makes it an adventure.  Or post them when you are out walking anywhere.

Be Art-full, Heart-full and Respect-full!

Our earth is getting too hot! Let’s act cool! Let’s put up those 350 images and get awareness raised.

What’s next??? Over the next few months, continue posting images as needed. Meanwhile start taking steps toward 350. The same friends that blitzed together might start some 350 actions together. Click here for some ideas. Your input and ideas welcome.

Please let us know what you are doing so we’ll know what areas are being covered. Thank you for your efforts.



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