Ann Arbor 350 Project

Transition Ann Arbor and the Ecology Center in Michigan partnered in a kick-off on 10/10/10 for a countywide effort to grow more food and community.

Goals of the challenge are to:

  • Reduce family food expenses and create a healthy homegrown food supply
  • Save energy and cut greenhouse gas emissions
  • Support local businesses
  • Build community and beautify our neighborhoods

This challenge focuses specifically on getting together in local neighborhoods and blocks to figure out ways to grow more food in yards, on porches and patios, and even on windowsills!

What is the 350 Garden Challenge? This county wide effort is called the 350 Garden Challenge because 350 is the number of parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere that scientists say is the safe upper limit. 350 Gardens allow individuals to help solve a very large, global problem, and in the process produce fresh, healthy, and affordable food for their households. 

"On our block neighbors get together and help each other install no dig gardens. 10/10/10 was the kick off and we are continuing to install them. We help gather the materials ahead of time and then gather at a designated time to put the garden together. We have done 3 so far and have 3 more in the works. The photos show putting the gardens together and some finished ones ready to let nature do the work over the winter while we plan and dream about the delicious food we will grow. One photo is of one of our major enthusiasts skateboarding some of the supplies down our street to the next installation," wrote Jeannine Palms of Transition Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor 350

Ann Arbor 350

Ann Arbor 350

Above photos shared by Jeannine Palms. More photos from the 10/10/10 kick-off event posted here.

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