Big media in the big city -- a report from Los Angeles

In a "town" this big, it takes a lot of help to get the message out.  And this month, Transition Los Angeles (TLA) has received a lot of help from big-name media.

It began in late March when the largest National Public Radio affiliate in Southern California aired a piece that included TLA initiator Joanne Poyourow and the kickoff of their local LETSystem for community-based finances

Two local community papers also published articles about the new LETSystem. (See "Ballona LETS offers barter-based local economic system" By Kristin S. Agostoni)

Then TLA's earth day appearance at the South LA EarthFest was captured in a nice online video. Commentary on what TLA learned about "diversity" at this event can be found at the Transition US blog.

SouthLA Earth Fest April 17, 2010 from Arvin P Hernandez on Vimeo.

For their Earth Day show in April, the same NPR station invited TLA back for an interview alongside renowned Los Angeles environmentalist Andy Lipkis, founder of TreePeople.  It was an honor and a privilege for TLA -- a relative "new kid on the block" -- to be featured in one of the area's well-known radio shows with such a pillar of the local environmental community.  (Meanwhile, the TLA team was amused by the programming for the other half of the radio program; they wonder if that means the Transition movement can also be considered to be one of the "volcanoes around the world"!)

The following weekend, the Rev. Peter Rood, co-founder of the Environmental Change-Makers group that initiated Transition in Los Angeles, gave the welcome at "Renewal LA," an event which featured Bill McKibben.  Rood and Poyourow were interviewed by the Los Angeles Times at this event for a forthcoming article.

The Transition Los Angeles team was very busy for Earth Day, appearing at or hosting more than 19 events within a two-week period.  They hope that this flurry of "awareness-raising" will significantly boost name-recognition for the Transition movement within the greater Los Angeles basin.

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