Breakfast Social

Food is always a central part of Transition discussions and so it seems fitting that meetings often happen in cafes and amidst potlucks. Food evokes all kinds of sensations and memories, and as it's something that we all face each day, it often becomes an introduction for talking about larger issues -- the broader context.

We thought we'd share this simple but fun idea of the Breakfast Social, courtesy of Transition Van Buren - Allegan in Michigan.


Time: December 5, 2010 from 10am to 11am
Location: Bloomingdale Conservation Club breakfast
Street: 16681 41st St.
City/Town: Bloomingdale

Event Description:

Working toward helping the transition go as smoothly as possible and building strong local communities is the most important work of our time. People seem in agreement that getting together for informal social opportunities is a good idea. So we are cooking up a breakfast get together in Bloomingdale. They have the Bloomingdale Conservation Club who puts on a delicious breakfast buffet every Sunday from 8-11am. 16681 41st St, Bloomingdale, MI 49026 (Cross Streets: Between CR-380 and 14th Ave) We want to meet Sunday, Dec 5 at 10am for breakfast there and after we can go to the Town Hall to continue visiting. If the weather looks bad for travel, we will meet the following week, Dec. 12. This is not a formal meeting, rather a time for people to get together to talk and get better acquainted.

This event has yet to happen so we won't know how it goes just yet, but we have a feeling it'll be delicious and insightful. Any other Transition Initiatives planned their gatherings over breakfast? Let us know!

Thanks to Dana Johnson of Transition Van Buren - Allegan for posting this - see the full original posting here.


Photo: flickr/Just A Temporary Measure (cc)

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