Celebrating Launch of 'Inner Resilience Network' National Working Group

Transition US Heralds the Launch of a New National 'Inner Resilience Network' Working Group!

We are excited to announce the launch of a national working group for Inner Resilience. Organizers Jul Bystrova and Rebecca Blanco have begun a google group to encourage discussion on topics of inner resilience, including supporting ourselves and each other, exploring the role of 'Inner Transition' in the wider Transition Movement, and building national-level projects to support this heart-and-soul work.

In 2018, this national working group intends to facilitate a number of Transition US live webinars and online trainings, develop an 'Inner Transition' handbook, host an inner resilience retreat at a location to be determined, and advance the national discussion on building resilience in 'Zone Zero' - that is, our respective inner worlds.

Click here to join, or email innerresiliencenetwork@googlegroups.com - and stay tuned in the new year for exciting developments in this new working group!

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