December Round-up of What's Happening out in the World of Transition - US Edition

Building on the monthly "Roundup of What's Happening in the World of Transiton" pulled together over at Transition Culture, here are some highlights of what's keeping Transition Initiatives busy across the US...

In California > Renowned speaker, author and instructor Charles Einsenstein made a tour of the Bay Area, presenting to three local Transition Initiatives. Thanks to local organizers for making the events happen. Good discussions were had! (see photo to right from Cotati, CA)

In Colorado > Transition Lyons is getting set for their Lyons Annual Town Hall Transition Town Gathering - From their invitation: "We have done brilliant things together that we wish to celebrate, and have fun honoring the many Lyons folks who steered Transition Lyons this far. Our initiating team, interested groups and magnificent individuals enthused by the Transition ‘Way’ with collaboration, are finding the collective genius of our town, as our Transition historian Sapan Rinpoche puts it, “to creatively and proactively design our energy future”, and “arrive at ways of living that are more connected, more enriching, and that recognize the biological limits of our planet”."

In Florida > Transition Sarasota Executive Director, Don Hall, was part of a timely panel on changing patterns of consumption titled "Living in the Material World," and members of the Gleaning Group held a gleaning session at the local organic farm.

In Minnesota > Transition Northfield launched the Northfield Community Exchange, "an online program that matches those with needs to those who can fill that need; the hours required to provide the service or goods is put into a “time bank” to be used for other transactions. You can do it all by computer, so there’s no danger your notice will be lost among posters for the latest lost cat or local concert." Read the article in the Northfield Patch >>

In New Mexico > Students in the Sustainability Program at the University of New Mexico are making great efforts to make their campus one of the first Transition Campus Initiatives in the US. Instructor, Maggie Seeley, a Transition US Trainer, teaches a Sustainability Studies Practicum class, where Sustainability students put their knowledge into action. Read more

In Pennsylvania > Transition Town Media presents: MEDIA EATS LOCAL! their 2nd Annual Community Potluck Celebration. "Everyone is invited to participate in a family-friendly, community-wide potluck celebrating native, local foods. Enjoy a neighborly potluck feast, live music, and singing too! We’ll have a chance to get to know some foods that are native to our area. We can also meet the people in our community who help bring us local food. And, of course, we'll CELEBRATE!!!" Sounds like fun! If you are in the area on January 24th, get in touch with them here.

In Tennessee > Transition Nashville has been active mobilizing voices against the Keystone XL pipeline project, from joining a talk with Bill McKibben to organizing a bus trip to the nationwide action last month. 

In Vermont > Transition Town Manchester is celebrating the holidays and the seasons by coordinating orders for grapevines for springtime! "TTM started a new tradition in 2010 when it sold 350 fruit trees in support of Bill McKibben’s, a day of global climate action. Then in 2011 TTM offered hazelbert nut trees for sale to the community. As in the past with TTM tree sales, the goal of this project is encourage our community to contribute to its own food production. The mission of this year’s offering it to extend the propagation of vines locally within our communities in partnership with a local producer." Read more

Meanwhile, Transition Town Montpelier is co-sponsoring an event on January 19, "Growing Local Food Sovereignty - Rural Vermont," as part of a Transition Speaker Series at the local library. The Transition Vermont EDAP (Energy Descent Action Plan) Committee continues to meet. Here's an update: "EDAP has an exciting new project with the East Montpelier Planning Commission. Also we are working on a written version of the plan that was presented at the VBC (Village Building Convergence) last summer."

In Washington > Transition Seattle is calling on locals to join voices to WA State 2012 Environmental Priorities Agenda. Sustainable NE Seattle held a lovely "Eat, Dance, and be Artsy" Potluck and members are also meeting to discuss the formation of a new tool library.

In the News: 

Posted December 13, 2011 by Linton Weeks on NPR

You can talk about the global village, a mobile society and the World Wide Web all you want, but many in our country seem to be turning toward a New American Localism. These days, we are local folks and our focus is local. We are doing everything locally: food, finance, news, charity. And maybe for good reasons. "One bedrock thing that is going on," says Brad Edmondson, founder of ePodunk...Read more

Posted December 03, 2011 by Nicholas Jackson in The Atlantic

After years of studying and then teaching permaculture and natural building, Rob Hopkins helped to establish the Transition movement, which has been called "the biggest urban brainwave of the century" by Nicholas Crane of BBC2. The Transition movement promotes what Hopkins has called "engaged optimism" as we prepare for a lengthy period of ever-dwindling energy supplies. Read more


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