Earth Day Toolkit

This April, 2010 will mark the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day and it's a great opportunity to raise awareness in your community. What is your community planning? Here are some resources and ideas for organizing events for Earth Day including special film screenings.

No Impact Project

photoDuring the week of Earth Day 2010, the No Impact Project, Slow Food USA and 1Sky are bringing people together to watch, discuss and act.  The theme of this event is the impact of food production on climate change and what your community can do to take action. 

They'll help you plan and execute a community screening event soup to nuts. Visit their site and get in touch to receive a discountedcommunity screening license and toolkit or click here to find a screening in your neighborhood.

Project Ideas // lesson plans

Browse campaigns and get ideas for projects courtesy of the Earth Day Action Center. Find useful ecoaction tips on energy, transportation, water, waste and gardening, plus guides for living lightly in your home or workplace - put together by the folks at Earth Day Canada.

For teachers, browse special Earth Day lesson plans and activities for the classroom.

Sample promotional materials

Check out sample promotional materials by Transition Northfield in Minnesota - Poster // Exhibitor Invite (PDFs)

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Earth Day Background

The first Earth Day in 1970 rallied over 20 million Americans from around the country and on college campuses to get involved in environmental "teach-ins." Conceptualized by Gaylord Nelson and organized by Denis Hayes, Earth Day events featured the largest grassroots mobilization in US history. Out of these events emerged what has come to be known as the environmental movement and the first environmental legislation - the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts. For the 20th anniversary in 1990, Denis Hayes again led the effort and more than 200 million people in 141 countries participated worldwide. Due in large part to the efforts of hundreds of local organizers, Earth Day is now an anticipated annual event in April. (source)

Have you come across any useful Earth Day resources? If so, post a comment below and share!

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