February Round-up of What's Happening out in the World of Transition - US Edition

Building on the monthly "Roundup of What's Happening in the World of Transiton" pulled together over at Transition Culture, here are some highlights of what's keeping Transition Initiatives busy across the US...

California > Santa Rosa hosted a training for Transition in February that received a heartfelt review from a participant who wrote:
“The most moving and rewarding experience from this training for me was seeing the passion and commitment of so many people to create a more sustainable, joyful and just world. […] By the end of the training, I felt a renewed sense of urgency for this work, and a sense of homecoming among kindred spirits. I also sensed that my job within TransitionSF may be to raise awareness and recruit other kindred spirits, and to on-board them to our project through “Heart and Soul” sessions. 
Time Bank Santa Cruz
Transition Santa Cruz gathered interested folks for an informal Conversation on Sharing led by Transition Palo 
Alto member Cecile Andrews. She is the author of Circle of Simplicity, Slow is Beautiful, and Less is More and invited attendees to learn about TimeBank Santa Cruz and to discuss how to add more building blocks to a local "shareable economy.”
Transition Silicon Valley meanwhile is preparing for their next “Transition 100 Mile Potluck.” The spirit of these potlucks is to share “creative ways to live during the ongoing economic crisis” - to live beneath your means - and thrive!
And Transition Enterprise, part of Transition Los Angeles, kicked off a study circle exploring new models for business and livelihood. They write: “Thus far in our circle, we've explored topics like social justice, shared ownership, the types of businesses we'll need, what we can do about banking, and Transition education.  We've been inspired by the Mondragon group of cooperatives in Spain, the gift culture ideas of Charles Eisenstein, time banking, and more.” They're already in the process of setting up a roster of Transition-type businesses via an automated input form
NOFA logoConnecticut > The newly officiated (Welcome!) Transition Litchfield held a Training for Transition this past weekend. They were excited!
Along with Transition Bethlehem (Lehigh Valley), they will also have a presence at the Northern Organic Farming Association (NOFA) conference coming up on March 3rd. In total, this conference will feature three presentations on Transition held by Connecticut Transition Town representatives! The workshops have the fabulous titles: Working Together to Build Community Resilience: Overview with Success Stories; Permaculture and Transition; Lighting the Fire for Action. What a wonderful opportunity to share Transition ideas and entice collaboration. 
Illinois > An exciting project is brewing in Chicago! Transition Chicago is one of the key organizations participating in the “Accelerating Green Initiatives in Chicago’s 77 Neighborhoods.“ Phase One of this multi-phase project will culminate in a conference in September 2012. The organizers write: “The conference will be an opportunity for creating a path forward in Chicago’s neighborhoods built upon current innovations from local residents. The conference will showcase resources from organizations like Illinois Clean Energy Community Fund, Growing Power, Faith in Place, The Delta Institute, ComEd, Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT), Transition Chicago, and others, as well as the City of Chicago, the State of Illinois, and the Federal Government.” Stay tuned!

Kentucky > At Sustainable Berea, the Resilient Household Project held its latest event focused on Food Storage. Among the topics discussed where ideal food storage environment, bulk grain storage, diet fatigue, and water filtration methods. The meeting even included a taste testing of reconstituted foods! Read more >>
Massachusetts > What future do we want for Jamaica Plain? What do we want our neighborhood to be like in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years? How do we create community resilience in the face of deepening ecological and economic disruption? These are the questions the folks at Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition asked at their second annual State of Our Neighborhood 2012 Forum. The event convened about 250 people and local politicians to take a close look at local issues and priorities. Read the article in the local media…And don’t miss this success story of how they turned a vacant lot of land into a community orchard! 
Michigan > Transition Cadillac Area is launching a Heart & Soul offering in collaboration with the local Morning Star Adventures Retreat Center. Starting in February, the last Sunday of the month will be an opportunity to gather in a circle for anyone “seeking to look at issues of "inner transition"; our internal world of needs, feelings and possibilities related to the external changes happening, and learning to live more clearly from a place of inner resourcefulness and personal empowerment as part of the change we seek for the world. 
Oregon > Transition PDX in Portland prepared for the coming planting season by holding a Garden Planning Workshop. Here are some of their topics:  - sharing seed catalogs and other resources of interest to others
  - discussing successes and favorites in terms of vegetable growing
  - sharing tips, e.g., how to make seed strips by gluing carrot seeds on newsprint 
  - share excess seeds from individual collections
  - discussing perennials. Participants left with a packet of info including a comprehensive guide to seed starting and a Portland-area planting calendar.
Oklahoma > Shauna Struby of Transition Oklahoma City (TOKC) announced that she and her co-chair Christine Patton are passing the baton to Vicki Rose and Doug Hill, two stellar members of their coordinating team. Shauna writes: “For me personally, these past three years with Transition OKC have been some of the most interesting, fruitful and inspiring of my life, and although I see the Transition model differently now than I did it the beginning, I continue to be inspired by the wisdom, knowledge and practical approach the model offers for living thoughtful lives attuned to a more natural, less destructive way of being in the world.”
In Pennsylvania > Transition PGH in Pittsburgh held a recent Training for Transition (T4T) - check out their photos (thanks to Justin Thakar!):

Find more photos like this on Transition Pittsburgh

Vermont > Transition Town Manchester’s Bill Laberge hosted a presentation on Transition Town Initiatives through the Pawlet Energy Group. The slideshow presentation and discussion focused on the origins of the Transition movement, why it’s critical in our current times and how it is taking hold in Vermont.
We also discovered this wonderful video that students from SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, VT created for Transition Putney.

Washington > Sustainable NE Seattle is joining forces with a local community council to help each other and their neighbors in getting ready for emergencies. Their event is titled “Neighbors Helping Neighbors– Emergency Prep: The long and short of it” and will provide participants with the steps to take to bring their neighborhood together.
Wisconsin > Hay River Transition Initiative in Prairie Farm, WI will be holding it’s second annual Traditional and Green Skills Day on March 3rd. Last year’s event was written up wonderfully in the Trout Caviar blog.

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