A Great Unleashing in Vermont

On November 11 Transition Town Charlotte in Vermont held its great unleashing, titled “Celebrate Charlotte—a Festival of the Future.” We’re a small town, and we’re usually pleased when 20 or more folks show up for a Transition Town event. So you can image how thrilled we were to have 75 people talking in earnest about how to help make our town more resilient! Some who came were new to a Transition Town event. The turnout was largely due to a concerted publicizing effort, including articles in the local papers and colorful posters and postcards, personal invitations, and announcements on our local electronic bulletin board.

The core organizing group decided on eleven topics that would be of interest in our town. These included energy, transportation, green building, health care, arts, education, community meeting place/pub, food & agriculture, local government, and heart & soul. We asked people in our community to act as facilitators for each topic. Most of the facilitators were not part of the core group. We felt this would help spread the work in the town. We allowed for a new topic, to emerge from the group if desired, but people seemed satisfied with what was offered.

We began our time together with a brief explanation of the Transition movement, and then groups of volunteers presented four skits about what our town would be like in 2030 on the topics of transportation, energy, agriculture, and green building. The skits were creative and funny and inspired attenders in their later deliberations on those topics.

After our deliberations, we honored two elders in our community for their many years of commitment to the town. That was followed by dinner and music. It was a successful evening, and the core group is hopeful that those meeting in the groups will continue the energy and enthusiasm to work for a more resilient Charlotte. After about four years as a Transition Initiative and ten years before that as the Charlotte Sustainable Living Network, our hard work and commitment may have birthed a new era for Charlotte.



Thanks to Ruah Swennerfelt for this recap!

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