‘HANDS ON’- a community skills fair

Thanks to Joann Kerr, Susan Gregory and Leo Brodie for this update! 

Sustainable NE Seattle is collaborated with Ravenna Eckstein and Meadowbrook Community Centers to sponsor ‘HANDS ON’- a community skills fair.

What? A day of sharing practical skills with our neighbors. Short workshops covered a wide variety of skills, from sock darning to bread baking to fruit tree grafting. The day concluded with a community potluck and square dance!

When? February 12, 2011 :: Workshops from 10-5, Potluck from 5-6:30 , Square Dance from 6:30-8:30pm
Where? This community festival took place in two locations simultaneously - Ravenna Eckstein Community Center and Meadowbrook Community Center. 

  • Reducing waste. If we can repurpose that old sweater, it stays out of the landfill. 
  • Building resilience. If we know how to take care of our needs close to home, we are more likely to do well in uncertain times.
  • Growing Community. If we work together, share resources, eat and dance together, we grow stronger as a community!  

Who? Members in the community contributed their skills to host workshops 30-90 minutes long (you didn't need to be an expert), and organizers arranged to provide funds to offset the cost of supplies. They also planned to offer some workshops especially for kids and teens. 

Workshops included: 

  • Growing Food & Garden Structure: e.g. Pruning, trellis building
  • Fiber Arts and Practiced Skills: e.g. Felting, sewing
  • Cooking and Baking: e.g. Bread making, fermentation
  • Repair and Maintenance: e.g. Bikes, motors
  • Entertainment (non-electronic): e.g. dance, storytelling
  • Alternative Cooking Methods: e.g. Solar, fireless
  • Paper Arts: e.g. papermaking  
  • Resource Conservation Techniques: e.g. Composting, water catchment
  • Making soaps, lotions, candles, etc.

Thanks to Joann Kerr, Susan Gregory and Leo Brodie for this update! Visit http://sustainableneseattle.ning.com for more info. Photos by Leo Brodie.



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