Help us launch the 2016 Transition US Collaborative Design Council!

This year Transition US will begin convening a Collaborative Design Council: a group of 10-15 representatives from local Transition Initiatives and emerging regional hubs who will meet by phone on a monthly basis to strengthen connections, share ideas and updates, and provide input on Transition US activities.

We imagine a vibrant network of Transition Initiatives that are learning from each other, experiencing a deeper level of support, and are made stronger through their connections with each other. We also envision that this council will provide input and advice to help guide and support the Transition Movement in this country.  The commitment is simple: participating in a one hour phone call monthly for 6 months—but there’s also room for participants to contribute additional time and energy to help design and develop ideas and projects.

As a fractal of Transition Network’s organizational co-design process, we will draw from tools and best practices from Transition Network and the National Hubs group (including use of Sociocracy) for convening Transition leaders to unleash our collective genius and increase our impact.


We’re looking for your help to provide nominations of people you think would be a great fit to serve on the Council. Here are key qualities we are looking for in initiating Council members:

·        Willingness and ability to commit to monthly phone meetings for an initial 6-month term beginning March 2016 (we will work with initiating Council members to establish a regular monthly meeting time).

·        Demonstrated ability and commitment to work well with others.

·        At least one year of experience working closely with a local Transition Initiative.

·        Knowledge/overview of Transition activities in your region (beyond your local TI).

If you would like to nominate someone who fits these criteria, please complete this brief nomination form by February 18th, 2016.

Selection Process

After nominations close on February 18th, we will contact each nominee to ensure they understand the commitment and are willing and able to fully participate in the initial 6 month term. Of the confirmed nominations, we will draw from a hat to determine which 10 people will make up the initiating Collaborative Design Council, leaving up to 5 spots on the Council available for the initiating Council members to solicit participation from key regions, demographic groups, etc. that are not adequately represented among the 10 nominees initially selected. Initiating members of the Collaborative Design Council will be notified by the end of February, and the first Council meeting will be held in early March.

Why Participate In the Collaborative Design Council?

·        Connect with other talented & committed Transition leaders from across the country

·        Gain a deeper understanding of what’s happening in Transition at the local, regional, national, and international levels

·        Increase the collective impact of our movement by enhancing communication flows and providing input on Transition US offerings

·        Have fun!

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