An inspiring day of climate action

We had to recap some of the wonderful events that took place across the globe on Saturday, October 24, 2009. These events continue to inspire an ever growing community people calling for action on climate change. Transition Initiatives in the US answered the call to action and, in collaboration with many other organization, put together events across the country.

Here are some photos (see all photos from all actions here):

New Haven 350

New Haven, CT. Photo by Vladimir Jankovic.

West Marin 350

Climate Action Rally in Point Reyes Station, CA, Oct. 24, 2009. Photo by Art Rogers/Point Reyes/USA. (Posted here, see/read more here)

Santa Barbara 350

Santa Barbara, CA. Photo shared by Larry Saltzman (see full album)

Ashland 350

Ashland, OR. Photo shared by Transition Town Ashland (see full album)

350 Newburyport

The Newburyport High School Environment Club, Green Artists League, First Parish Church of Newbury and Transition Newburyport partnered to observe the International Day of Climate Action. They created a banner that will be on display at the high school and crafted healing blankets for mountaintop removal sites in West Virginia. At 3:50 PM the church bells tolled 350 times echoed by students responding with improvised percussive instruments. Photo shared by Transition Newburyport. Many more photos here.

Transition Whatcom planters

Day is done but Transition Whatcom, WA had a great 350 day event called the Perennial Project. We planted over 350 edible perennials in public places all over the county- at schools, businesses, and parks. These plants will bear food for years, especially the nut and fruit trees, and are a practical manifestation of the 350 goal to reduce carbon emissions. These are some of our fantastic edible perennial planters! // Photo shared by Katherine Clark.






Find more photos like this on Transition Whatcom

Transition Whatcom had a great 350 day event called The Perennial Project, where they planted over 350 edible perennial plants throughout Bellingham and Whatcom County, and also partnered with another local org to have a downtown "Crank it Down!" party.


...and if you are craving more, this short video will give you a good idea about what happened!


If you'd like to share your photos (please do!), send them to info @


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