January Round-up of What's Happening out in the World of Transition - US Edition

Building on the monthly "Roundup of What's Happening in the World of Transiton" pulled together over at Transition Culture, here are some highlights of what's keeping Transition Initiatives busy across the US...

Sustainable Tucson meetingArizona > Sustainable Tucson started a local time bank for the Tucson region, the Tucson Time Traders. Wondering how it works? "The time bank consist of people wanting to build community and looking at a different way to share our talents. Time Bankers help each other by exchanging an hour of time for an hour of time. For instance if I need my computer worked on and a member who can do the job comes over and works for two hours and corrects the problem, the other member now has two hours credited that he can use. Now if I then tutor a student for an hour and take an elder shopping for another hour, I'm back to zero in my time bank account. My computer friend is credited with two hours earned and the student and elder are debited one hour owed." Every 2nd Thursday of the month, they are hosting Timebank community potluck & orientation meetings. (Photo to the right: Sustainable Tucson's January Meeting)

California > Last month, renowned speaker, author and instructor Charles Einsenstein made a tour of the Bay Area, presenting to three local Transition Initiatives. Transition Cotati held a workshop with Charles Einsenstein and created a new youtube channel featuring a couple videos from his talk (click to watch part 1): 

Michigan > Transition Cadillac Area is launching a program - the 100 Garden Challenge - where landscapes in Lake City, McBain, Manton, Tustin, Luther and the entire Cadillac area will be transformed into food-producing gardens. "By insuring that as many people as possible grown their own food, or help each other through neighborhood food-growing alliances, we can help provide for our own needs and not have to rely on food that has to be transported from a long distance. The benefits of local food are enormous!" Read the recap of their kickoff meeting >>

Transition YouthMinnesota > Transition Northfield is working on a Community Resilience Transition Plan - to start things off, they are hosting a series of public meetings. The Community Resilience Transition Plan will be developed through these meetings as "an outline of local, workable, concrete action steps that we can take as a community and as individuals in response to our pressing issues related to energy, the environment, and economics." Here are notes from their December meeting on the topic of Energy. Alongside the Resilience plan, "The YES/Transition Youth group of Northfield have been working hard to build a couple of recycling bin prototypes that would be more permanent for the downtown area and/or surrounding parks. A group of high school students from Northfield High and ARTech are very close to finishing 2 prototypes to share with the city for approval." Here's a story from last February where we got to chat with a couple of the organizers involved with Transition Youth.

North CarolinaTransition Congregations – First Ever Training Will Be in NC! From the event posting, "The Rev. Jim Deming, national United Church of Christ Minister for Environmental Justice, and Tina Clarke, a senior Transition Towns Trainer, have developed a workshop specifically for people of faith using the concepts and techniques pioneered by Transition Towns. This unique offering will be piloted in a day long program on Saturday January 21, 2012 and is open to all communities of faith, lay and clergy. It will explore what preparing for peak oil and climate change means at the congregational level and how faith communities can be leaders and innovators as the world changes in the coming years and decades." Read more >>

Pennsylvania > Transition PGH in Pittsburgh has a new ongoing and regular networking event -- they've teamed up with their local Pastor and organizer from the First United Methodist Chruch who agreed to let them hold a potluck every 1st and 3rd Saturday, 2pm, in the Winter and Spring. Plus, they've put out a quick survey to see how they should plan out their regular networking events - check it out here. They also hosted a Training For Transition at the Kingsley Association, which was "quite productive in its empowering of communtiy members from Larimer, East Liberty, and Homewood--perhaps enough for a chapter of Transition to be set up in those neighborhoods." They'll have video recaps on their Youtube channel.

Whatcom folk schoolWashington > Transition Whatcom's Whatcom Folk School is rolling along in its 3rd quarter. "We have had between 70 and 90 classes being offered each quarter with an average of 35 instructors and 56 students," writes Cindi Landreth. There's even a podcast of a radio show featuring Jodi Tranter and Terry Garrett of the Whatcom Folk School that you can listen to here and check out their 2012 Winter Catalogue featuring classes on anything from beerbrewing to farming to sciences and theater!

Wisconsin > Back in October, Transition Green County is held a Speed Skilling event - with the tagline "Speed Skilling: Build your Homesteading Skills, One Neighbor at a Timein conjunction with the National Tour of Solar Homes
and Launch Party for the new Farmstead Chef cookbookThe event featured workshops (including blacksmithing!) and a local food feast (see photo below). The event was a success and they've already set a date to bring it back for October 2012! Thanks to John Ivanko for sharing. 
Transition Green County - local food feast

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