Join Transition Lab as a Skilled Resident this summer!

Transition Lab is a place for people who want to figure out how to use their gifts to lead fuller lives and build a more beautiful world. We are an educational program that teaches skills in the five areas of food production, affordable housing, community engagement, entrepreneurship, and knowledge of self. As we study the first four areas, we are given opportunities to reveal and discover our own unique gifts. By revealing the gifts that we possess in our hearts, students get the opportunity to start using their gifts to meet basic needs as well as create beauty and healing in our world.

We are looking for courageous individuals who want to spend a couple months figuring out who they are while they gain experience coming up with extremely creative solutions for addressing some of our world’s biggest problems. 

Everyday in our summer program we do things like go on hikes, meditate, farm, drink coffee, read books, have class discussions, and most importantly- put ideas into action. 

Take affordable housing: Instead of talking about what needs to change in the world so that it could become a reality, we just thought about it in terms of what we could do right now, without anything changing, to create it. And we did it: We simply set up agreements with people who had vacant guest bedrooms, and did a certain amount of work for them each week in exchange for free rent. 

This is one of the many practices that makes up the day to day activities at Transition Lab. They are activities that not only show participants how to think differently about being a creative problem solver in their community, it is a process that deeply reveals who we are. Think about it: Whether it is growing more local organic food or building a more representative democracy, it's really easy to talk about what we need to do. Transition Lab is for transforming that talk into action. There are profound lessons waiting for us when it's hot and windy and we are still weeding the garden, or when we are trying to get out the vote and the neighbor slams the door in your face. These the the experiences that cause us grow as people and show us what we are made of. This is also where true wisdom comes from.

The world needs dreamers who were willing to get out there and put their hearts on the line, knowing that they will be challenged. The ultimate beauty of Transition Lab is that we can go through these transformational experiences with the support, encouragement, and accountability of other courageous people. If you have the courage to discover who you are and have ideas that you are ready to bring into the world, this program is for you.
To learn more about Transition Lab and apply for the 2016 Skilled Resident Intensive, click here.

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