July Round-up of What's Happening out in the World of Transition - US Edition

Building on the monthly "Roundup of What's Happening in the World of Transiton" pulled together over at Transition Culture, here are some highlights of what's keeping Transition Initiatives busy across the US..

Engaging with Elected officials in Arizona > Sustainable Tucson hosted their second "Conversation with our Elected Officials" on June 11th on the topic of "The Sustainability of Urban Mobility and Urban Form" with local planners and legislators. "We believe that building a sustainable future will take the cooperation and partnering of residents, government, institutions and organizations. It is in this spirit that we are reaching out to our public officials and bringing them together with Sustainable Tucson and the wider public in this discussion and process. Our ultimate intent is to build partnerships and work together toward our common goals."

Exploring history of place and social enterprise models In California > Transition Los Angeles' Business and Livelihoods working group is hosting a discussion circle about "businesses and earning your livelihood in an uncertain marketplace." The series of discussions is meant to create space so that "people who wish to start a social enterprise will gain a solid background in business considerations and the issues of the future in order to get their enterprise off the ground." Learn more. Also in the LA-area, the Whittier Time Bank won a grant through Good Maker to organize 'The Ranching History Fair,' a fair that will host 1,000 visitors over two days to showcase community traditions and skills for building resilience. "The Whittier Time Bank believes that history can teach us about how local economy, volunteerism, and hands-on skills result in community self-reliance." Members of Transition groups from Albany, Berkeley and San Francisco were also guests on a local radio showTerra Verde, talking about Transition in their communities.

Whittier Time Bank

Celebrating successes and planning for the future in Florida > "Like a seed planted in fertile soil, the movement for a sustainable Transition in here Sarasota continues to grow." Grow indeed! From their burgeoning Suncoast Gleaning Project to the Eat Local Resource Guide and Directory and Common Wealth Time Bank, to say Transition Sarasota has been busy is an understatement. Read their review of proudest accomplishments of the past six months and a preview of what they're most excited about for the next six here!

Transition Sarasota photos

Collaborating with youth on climate education and awareness in Maine > New England Climate Summer Cyclist Team visited the Belfast Area and got a special tour from a member of the Belfast Area Transition Inititiave. Read a recap of the visit from their tour guide, Andrew Watkins, Belfast Area Transition Initiative member.

Discussing Transition and faith in New Hampshire > If you are interested in Transition and faith, please join Transition US along with members of Transition Keene Task Force for a tele-seminar on the topic on July 31. Details + rsvp here. Also check out Vermont Public Radio’s recent Vermont Edition radio program segment on the Transition Movement in Vermont, including citizens from close-by Transition Putney. The program is entitled “Transition Towns Find Ways To Face Climate Change, Economic Instability.” You can listen here!

Declaration of Transition


Declaring Transition in New York > In the Hudson Valley, Transition Rhinebeck has been "mulling" over becoming a transition initiative. Members came up with a Declaration of Transition, which you can read here.

Edible forest gardening and sharing music in Pennsylvania > Transition Town Media participating in an Edible Forest Gardens Workshop and getting set for their event, Transition Jam: Celebrating the Musician in Everyone,  on July 28th. "The intention is to encourage everyone of join in to create music together. We invite the sharing of all types of musical gifts and inspiration, but encourage you to remember that we want to welcome all to participate. The evening should entertain, inspire, and remind all of us that we can produce beautiful music regardless of our experience, training, or natural talents." Fun!

Teaching safe cycling In Texas > Transition Houston's Transportation Action Group put on a Bike Rodeo Volunteer Training Session on Saturday, July 14. The training was in preparation for the Bike Rodeo that they will be leading on September 15, as a way to introduce children to safe bicycling skills.

Houston Bike Workshop

Increasing accessibility in public parks in Vermont > Transition Town Manchester hosted a 'Clean Up Day at Riverwalk' on July 14, 2012 where they tidied up the walking path through Manchester’s central wooded glen, supplying the coffee and bagels to enthusiastic volunteers. "This large area of nature, in the heart of Manchester, is now home to a trail that encourages walking and making the town more pedestrian friendly and.... is one part of our local solution to the climate crisis," they write. "In the future, our hope is to work with other groups, public and private, to create a useful, handicap accessible public park. We envision a bridge across the river, a stairway to Main Street, and a stage for theater-in-the-woods. Making our community more pedestrian friendly is an important long-term design goal for our town."

Transition Town Manchester Riverwalk Clean Up

Skillsharing and celebrating community in Washington > Sustainable NE Seattle's 3rd Planet: Home festival returned on July 21st, featuring "live music, delicious food, DIY workshops, family games, and opportunities to learn about a zillion cool things!" An estimated 600-700 residents attended, bringing cakes for the cake walk, dull tools for sharpening, sun tea for sharing, non-gas tools for their new Tool Library, home-made items for the DIY display table, plants or other items for trade/gifting/barter, and ingredients for a "stone soup."

Sustainable NE Seattle Planet Home photos
Photos by Leo Brodie (see more)

Meanwhile, Transition Whidbey has announced that their time bank now has a name!! 'The Whidbey Works Cooperative'- look for posts coming soon - the official release will be held in the fall. 

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