July Round-up of What's Happening in the World of Transition - US Edition

Here are some highlights of what's keeping Transition Initiatives busy across the country and around the world...

Sustainable NE Seattle held their 2nd Annual Solar Cookout. Watch this great video about their first solar cookout. Members are also working on an upcoming festival - PLANET : HOME a sustainable living festival. The Festival will feature dozens of interactive, fun exhibits including solar cooker demonstrations, bicycle-powered appliances, rainwater catchment systems, and “Mad Science” for kids. Member Annette Cottrell was also featured in a recent Seattle Times article.

Transition Santa Cruz in California is organizing a Solar Oven Cookout and Picnic and held a successful work/playday at Sycamore Street Commons! "A good time was had by all at the wonderful Sycamore Street Commons work/playday on June 25. With a crew of about 20 residents of the housing complex and 10 other Transition SC volunteers, we installed about 5 wood framed raised beds, filled them with good soil, and planted vegetable starts." Read more.

The Richmond Rivets and Transition Albany in California created a lovely video on celebrating our Interdepence - check it out:

Local artists responded when Transition Reno in collaboration with the Electric Auto Association of Northern NV invited them to share their vision. Visions of Future Reno: Energy in Transition is part of the 15th annual Artown festival, July 2010. The month-long summer arts festival featured more than 400 events produced by more than 100 cultural organizations and businesses in locations citywide, with major funding provided by the City of Reno. Below is the Visions of Future Reno Banner from Transition Reno by Sabrina Banner for Artown Exhibit July 3rd - July 10th, 2010.

Transition Whatcom in Washington sponsored an event that featured Transition US Trainer Bill Aal and the well known Starhawk. The title given for the evening is "In It for the Long Haul: Social Permaculture and Transition." The evening was an interactive event exploring how we can sustain our selves, our relationships, community and the places we live for the long haul. David MacLeod wrote, "It was a good event last night! Close to 100 folks showed up and saw a good presentation by Bill Aal on Transition as applied social permaculture, and Starhawk gave a slideshow showing places in the world that are embodying some of the changes discussed in her book The Fifth Sacred Thing."

Transition Louisville in Colorado participated in the Awakening the Dreamer: Changing the Dream Symposium and introduced the concepts of Transition. "The mission of the Symposium is bold: to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just human presence on this planet. Through leading-edge information, inspiring multimedia, internal reflection time, and dynamic group interactions, participants are inspired to reconnect with their deep care and concern for our world and are empowered to make a difference." Transition US is in collaboration with Awakening the Dreamer - stay tuned!

Check out the Transition in L.A. newsletter for July 2010 for a list of their current projects, including gardening workshops, and planning meetings for their local LETS system -

Local Trading System (LETS) Marketplace and Potluck - A LETSystem is a sophisticated bartering system, and we’re setting one up for the Westchester, del Rey, and Inglewood area.  With a LETSystem, you can get the things you need without the need for cash. You can trade goods and services with neighbors by trading credits. Membership is free.  At the “Marketplace” events you can meet other people who are offering services through the LETS.  It’s a chance to bring your wares and connect with people face-to-face and make trades.

What is your community organizing for 10/10/10? Transition initiatives across the country are organizing around the 10/10/10 Global Work Party - Day of Climate Action. There are microgrant opportunities avaible for climate-related projects. More info: northamericanfund.350.org

US Social Forum :: Recap  
June 22-26, Detroit, Michigan
The US Social Forum featured workshops on building community resilience, economic well-being and social equity (including a Training for Transition) led by Bill Aal and Tina Clarke (Transition Trainers), and Dave Room (TUS Board Member). Check out podcasts, videos and photos here + Amy Goodman's Democracy Now episode. Here's a recap by Dave Room:

In the wake of Arizona’s new racial profiling law, the BP oil disaster and the acute financial crisis, thousands of progressive organizers came together June 22-26 to set a national action agenda at the 2nd US Social Forum (USSF) in Detroit. The USSF had over ten thousand attendees, 1200 workshops, and eight locations.  Transition Us trainers Tina Clarke and Bill Aal and Transition US board member Dave Room gave an interactive workshop on the Transition movement.  Bay Localize partnered with Movement Generation, Communities For A Better Environment, and the Greening of Detroit on a workshop on Community Resilience.  Movement Generation also spearheaded a People's Movement Assembly (PMA) on Ecological Justice, incorporating both resilience and the concept of Just Transition, which was attended by several hundred enthusiastic people.

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For more news from Transition Initatives worldwide, mosey over to the Transition Culture blog: A July Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition. If you have news that you'd like to add to this round-up, give us a shout!

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