July Round-up of What's Happening in the World of Transition - US Edition

Building on the monthly "Roundup of What's Happening in the World of Transiton" pulled together over at Transition Culture, here are some highlights of what's keeping Transition Initiatives busy across the US...

In California, the first ever meeting to establish Pacific Palisades as a Transition Town was held on Saturday, July 30th - they met at a local native garden to discuss the plans and possibilities for forming a group, and they rolled up their sleeves to do some maintenance work in the garden as well!

Meanwhile, the first planning meeting for Transition Hollywood at Groundwork Coffee Company at Sunset/Cahuenga in central Hollywood took place on Monday, July 25, exploirng how the concept of Transition could be applied to a dense urban center like Hollywood. Hollywood is not Totnes, that's for sure... For more information please check their Facebook group page.

In Pennsylvania, members of Transition Pittsburgh have been involved with a new documentary film project called "Sust Enable - the Metamentary" and on July 14th, they hosted their first ever "Sustainability Jam," an open workshop and discussion focusing on issues of sustainability. Check out the video below. They are actively raising funds for this project - learn more. (Thanks Aaron for sharing!) 

Transition CharlotteIn Vermont, Transition Charlotte engaged citizens during the annual Town Party, July 9, 2011, where Transition Charlotte has staffed an information table for the past two years. The table included sample copies of various books on "Re-skilling for Resilience," from animal husbandry to home food preserving. (Photo to the right)

Last month we mentioned that Transition Town Montpelier organized a Village-building Convergence June 10-21st, 2011, with over 30 workshops and panel discussions. To fundraise for the event, they put on 'The Mad Pie Hoedown Fundraiser' where they raised over $600 for the VbC. Well their event got picked up by the local news stations, watch the clip.

In Maine, the Belfast Area Transition Initiative and the Charles Street neighborhood welcomed bicyclists from New England Climate Summer with a permablitz - and invited the public to participate, too. The permablitz will turned the lawn at 123 Cedar Street into permaculture gardens with the help of community volunteers. Afterward, the Charles Street neighborhood group hosted a potluck supper. Yum!

In Texas, Transition Houston got a visit from Annabelle Vinois and David Meyer, the Permacyclists, as a first stop on their quest for positive responses to the environmental challenges of our time (travelling by public transport to Rio for the June 2012 Earth Summit). "They filmed us in a core team meeting and a few folks individually, and have put together this great little video about Transition and Transition Houston," wrote Mark Juedeman.


Transition in the News:

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Have you ever worried about where your food comes from? Ever wondered what caused that jump in food prices? Have you asked yourself, is it safe to eat?That is what many communities in this country (and around the world) are not only thinking, but doing something about! Come to a film series in Durham about local food that shows what people are doing all around the country and join us for a series...Read more

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