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Pine Mountain Club, CA

This week we're meeting with the local US Forest Service to take our next step in preparing a grant that will enable the community to explore potential local uses for woody biomass here. Currently biomass from the National Forest that surrounds us on all sides is either burned or trucked out of the area. We see many potential uses for this resource right here, including manufacture of wood pellets and brickets that are now being shipped in from out of state. Through this program we hope to educate the community on the benefits of renewable energy and woody biomass in particular, get them actively involved in forest stewardship, and create local jobs that will enable people to stay in the area without long commutes to work.

Let’s Live Local (Pine Mountain Club's Transition Initiative) will also have a booth at this month’s local Lilac Festival May 16th and 17th. We’ve raised the cash and in-kind donations to cover costs for the booth. Our goals for having a booth are to:

  1. Create visibility for our Transition Initiative
  2. Raise awareness of local repercussions of peak oil and climate change and positive ways local communitied can respond
  3. Attract new members for our sub-groups and participants in our on-going projects. We have a variety of exciting activities planned to achieve these goals.

There will be displays and sign-up sheets for our Food, Energy, Lost Arts, and Local Economy sub-groups. The Wood Pellet Coop and our Organic Food Coop will be featured. Both are already going strong. Our first 24 tons of pellets for this year have already been subscribed and will be delivered this week. The rising price of propane and our creation of our coop are enabling more people to switch to this renewable source of energy for home heating. We have orders for half of our second 24-ton delivery filled and hope to fill that truck-load at the booth.

Abundant Harvest Organics, the CSA we’re working with, is donating two baskets of fresh organic vegetables for a raffle. We will have DVD’s running on a monitor so visitors can be informed and inspired by segments of shows like Sepp Holzer’s Garden of Eden and The World According to Monsanto. We will also debut our brand new Mountain Hours program at the booth and hope to have lots of sign up to participate. We’ll be launching an I Commit campaign where residents can sign up for the specific action they will take to Live Local this year. Those who complete their commitments will receive a Live Local pin at the end of the year.

(Photo: Let's Live Local Pellet Co-op delivery, see original)

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