March Round-up of What's Happening out in the World of Transition - US Edition

Building on the monthly "Roundup of What's Happening in the World of Transiton" pulled together over at Transition Culture, here are some highlights of what's keeping Transition Initiatives busy across the US...

California > The San Francisco Bay Area held their first ever Regional Gathering this month. Thank you to Barbara Weinstein for the following report back!:
Transition is all about local resilience. That's why each Transition initiative is different, adapting to the local environment, needs, and energy level. But cross-pollination is also important. With that end in mind, more than a dozen Transitioners from around the Bay Area and beyond gathered at Victoria Armigo's house in Sunnyvale on March 17 for some great food, drink, and conversation. Folks came from San Francisco, Mill Valley, Albany, San Jose, Palo Alto, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, and Sebastopol to share stories about how everyone became involved in  Transition, the accomplishments and challenges in each local area, and ideas  for the future. Carolyne Stayton from Transition US shared her ideas for connecting people around the country and providing support for people for their own communities.
If you're interested in getting involved in the regional Transition activities, contact Scott McKeown.
Some mulling groups are also making waves:
The Transition group in Cupertino was covered in this article in the Mercury News: Transition Cupertino members aim to make more connections.
And then there’s a mulling group in Humboldt County that sent us a letter brimming with enthusiasm and inspiration. We couldn't resist but share some of it with you! Thank you Lois for getting in touch!
Hello! My name is Lois Cordova and I have been meeting with a local group of residents since November 2011. We call ourselves Humboldt Village and the mission statement we had developed sounds eerily like something we may have found in The Transition Handbook, Transition Primer or Transition Companion. 
We began holding public education and discussion group evenings in January 2012. We implemented a local exchange system in late February 2012. It already has 40 ACTIVE members. Another group participant, Larry Goldberg, handed me a newly obtained copy of the Transition Handbook in January and I was flabbergasted at how much work had already been with exactly the concepts we had had in mind [...]. I read that book twice and we found a copy of the Transition Companion. Shortly thereafter Larry and I attended a Training in Transition in Santa Rosa February 17-19. The Tuesday after our return from the training on Monday we had scheduled to show In Transition 1.0 for our discussion group. That Tuesday the entire group, 37 in all, agreed we want to adopt the Transition model. Moving right along with the enthusiasm present, several work groups were formed on the spot and are off and running, helping one another in gardens, planning projects, doing research-can't stop these guys! It is awesome. We are looking forward to entering and seeing Humboldt Village officially in mulling stage...and look for us to be making a request for Official Status soon! Bless you for all of your hard work! Lois Cordova, Humboldt Village, Humboldt County California
(photo to the right: Humboldt Village Talks discussion group)
Illinois > Transition Stelle is gearing up for a May event called “Cultivating Community.” They are planning for a full day of activities and have already obtained 25 starter trees for planting activity with children. Definitely take a look at their announcement flyer and read the wonderful “Recipe for Community” they are brewing!
Massachussetts > I gentle little reminder from Transition Newburyport about timing and relationship building:
In 2010, following a presentation by Chuck Collins on Resilience Circles, two such circles formed. These groups explore a new kind of security based in mutual aid and community support, and help build an economy that’s fair and in harmony with the earth. Participants have found that it is a place where they can talk openly about these challenges and fears.  Just recently, Transition Newburyport had a gatherig to form another such circle. Turnout was lower than hoped for, and the organizers were initially disappointed - then they realized that the first two groups formed in the same way, slowly and steadily through relationship building until they were ready to launch. 
New Hampshire > At a recent luncheon of the Massachusetts Bible Society, Quaker Transition activist (Transition Keene) Steve Chase titled Crisis, Faith, and Action. He addressed some key questions:  What is faithful, abundant living in the midst of the triple threat of peak oil, climate change, and an increasingly dysfunctional global economy?  How can we draw on our faith as friends and followers of Jesus to resist the pulls of empire and consumerism, and unleash our creativity and love of our neighbors and God's good earth? Lucky for us, this talk was filmed and you can watch it here.
Oregon > In Portland, folks are gathering for an ongoing study group to explore Rob Hopkins’ new book, "The Transition Companion: Making Your Community More Resilient in Uncertain Times.” They’ve also invited Katrina  Scotto di Carlo who spoke at the Slow Money Conference recently to talk about alternative currencies. Katrina co-founded Supportland, a cross-business rewards network exclusively for locally-owned businesses and 19,000 plus cardholders in Portland.
Pennsylvania > Transition Honesdale was featured in the press, which highlighted the work they've done to create the Transition Community Garden with 25 beautiful raised beds and matches inexperienced budding gardeners with mentors. Several beds are available and those needing additional food security (eg particiants of the USDA’s Women, Infants and Children (WIC) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)) and those participating in food banks and pantries will be given top priority. They are also keeping busy with skill share events! Upcoming classes include Business Plan Basics Saturday, Cloth Diapering, Shiitake Mushroom Inoculation and Whole Food Cooking.
Texas > Transition Houston just coordinated another Permablitz. This moth, they focused their efforts on a home where they worked on projects such as upgrading gardens, removing landscaping plants (some invasive) and replacing them with edible and insectary plants, planting fruit trees, extending garden beds, planting fence lines, and more.
Washington > On Mercer Island folks are hosting a speaker event called “Time Banks - Time Well Spent.” Together with Mercer Island Youth & Family Services they are working on a project to launch a local Time Bank. They are following on the heels of several other Transition Initiates that have set up or are developing time banking system in their communities, such as Transition Cotati, Transition Tuscon, Transition Media, Transition Carrboro-Chapel Hill to name some.
What a fun idea to have a design contest to inspire and share local projects! Transition Whatcom kicked their Transition Design Grants project off on May 10th with a bike/walk tour of several grassroots resilience and community building projects. From now through April 22, they will run their Design Review Session to help develop and refine grant proposals. On April 29th Transition Whatcom will announce the winners of the $350 grants and during the week of May 26th, grant dollars will be translated into action!

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