March Round-up of What's Happening in the World of Transition - US Edition

Building the "March Roundup of What's Happening in the World of Transiton" pulled together by Helen and Rob over at Transition Culture, here are some highlights of what's keeping Transition Initiatives busy across the US...

PlanetHOME-LeoBrodie-CheesemakingIn WashingtonSustainable NE Seattle has started planning the PLANET:HOME festival: "such fun and so rewarding last summer. One of our premier events! Carol Sackeyfio will host the meeting at her house and the group will start off with decisions about timing and place and content based on what we did and didn't do last year. This is a very rewarding opportunity to get involved, especially if you say you are an organizer. FUN FUN FUN" (Planet:HOME 2010, Cheesemaking workshop, photo by Leo Brodie)

Seeds of transition sprouting in Phillips, Minneapolis! Read this Twin Cities Daily Planet article >> visit Transition Town Philips main site here.

Over in Oklahoma, Transition OKC is has been supporting emerging groups nearby and will be heading to Tulsa to rub shoulders with folks mulling on transition there. "We have a very active “going locavore” group that’s getting ready to host a “local food meet & greet” with an eye toward holding a larger Open Space Day later this year – all with the goal of expanding / catalyzing our growing local food system," writes Shauna Struby. "We just completed a very successful screening of “The Economics of Happiness” w/an enthusiastic crowd of more than 200 in attendance. We’re also in the midst of planning a full-scale Permaculture Design Course here in the fall – will be the first held in Oklahoma as far as we know, " she added. Wow! On April 23, Transition OKC with also be helping sponsor Sustainable OKC with EVOLVE, a juried art exhibit and fundraiser in partnership with Individual Artists of Oklahoma. Visit for details!

In Pennsylvania, Transition Pittsburgh participated in a Training for Transition with Tina Clarke. "Local community leader, Fred Brown and Tina Clarke co-trained at this inspiring event. We learned the in’s and out’s of the Transition Model, (essentially a tool-box for building community connections and resilience) and how it applies to Pittsburgh. We used Open Space tools to form working groups who collaborated and brainstormed on specific issues ie (land trusts, education, health and spirituality, alternative energy) Everyone who participated in the training left enthusiastic to apply the skills that we learned in our own communities." Stay tuned for a story on Transition PGH's Gift Circles! --

In California, Transition Sonoma Valley, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Sonoma Valley, First Congregational Church's EarthCare Committee, Sonoma Ecology Center and -- hosted a special event with Richard Heinberg "The End of Growth" -- Richard Heinberg was introduced by May Boeve, US Campaign Director, -- the event explored the questions: "Will the convergence of financial disruption, resource depletion, and environmental impacts usher in an era of unprecedented contraction? Can we imagine a future where growth is not the only measure of human health and welfare? Can we look forward to a future where qualitative improvements in human welfare—in education, arts, health, well-being, freedom, happiness--allow us to decouple progress from ever-expanding consumption" All proceeds will benefit the launch of the Transition Sonoma Valley Initiative.

As Joanne Poyourow mentioned in her blog response to the urban homesteading discussionsTransition Los Angeles hosted "A Celebration of Urban Homesteading" on Thurs. March 24th, featuring Urban homesteader Erik Knutzen talking about seecrit compost, worm towers, monster squash in the parkway, chickens and bees … urban homesteading in the age of the Internet. Check out the Transition Los Angeles calendar here
Daily Californian photo

Berkeley residents met at the Ecology Center to discuss plans for the city's new Transition Town - featured in an article by the Daily Californian: "About 100 community members crowded into the city Ecology Center Wednesday to discuss plans for the city's new Transition Town, as part of an international movement aimed at promoting community-based sustainability, specifically in regard to energy consumption, oil reliance and food production." Read full article here

In Illinois, mulling group McHenry County Transition, along with The Green Sanctuary Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Woodstock, Small Waters Education organized an event "Skills for a New Millenium," featuring eight sessions on traditional and modern skills. Participants can choose among workshops on beekeeping, weaving, food preservation, building a sense of place, how to build a solar collector, soap making, weaving and raising chickens and goats. Watch a recap of the event:

Also, check out this video of Code Green Community's interview with Don Hall of Transition Sarasota to "discuss the transition initiative and it's path towards transitioning a town from what is, to what can be!"


Copy from the "March Roundup of What's Happening in the World of Transiton" pulled together by Helen and Rob over at Transition Culture:

In North America, Transition Town Putney helped organise a 2-day Putney Economic Summit, which explored practical ways of reviving and enriching the local economy and community. Transition Colorado held a conference (see left) to discuss the contribution of localised food systems in the Transition of their local economy, and there’s a useful report here. Transition Newton recently held a workshop to demonstrate and discuss methods of bio-intensive gardening and composting, while Transition Town Manchester showed ‘The Man Who Planted Trees’ to inspire people to plant hazelnut trees as part of their Hazelnut Planting Project.

Karen Lanphear and Richard Kuhnel were on the Prepper Broadcast talking about Sandpoint Transition Initiative and the wider Transition movement, and you can listen to the show here. Transition Mill Valley recently hosted a film screening with a talk, live music and discussions on strengthening the local economy and building community resilience, while Transition South Bay (Los Angeles) will soon be holding classes to learn all about their native plants, including which ones thrive best in the different ecosystems and how to care for them. In Transition New Port Richey, Eric Stewart recently gave a talk about Transition:




...and, our friends at Bay Localize are hosting their "Roots of Resilience" 5-Year Anniversary Gala! Celebrating 5 Years of Building Resilient Communities! - register at







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