Transition Media in Pennsylvania: Beginnings

A great article telling the story of how Transition Media in Pennsylvania got started by Art Carey, Inquirer Staff Writer. Originally posted here.

Media works toward a green transition

Sari and Pat Steuber live in a house they designed and built themselves, on a steep hillside on the outskirts of Media. Light floods the interior through south-facing double-glass windows. The house is heated by a system that captures the warmth of the earth. A three-story staircase is supported by long strands of rebar; the treads are recycled sections of finished maple from a bowling alley lane.

In 2008, Sari, 61, a retired software-development manager, and Pat, 64, a retired Web designer, decided to rectify an omission: They'd been married 22 years and never taken a honeymoon. So they spent the next 61/2 months touring the United States. They didn't rent a Winnebago. Instead, they mounted a tandem bicycle and pedaled 9,000 miles.

It was typical of the Steubers, who believe in respecting the environment and the finite and perishable treasures of Planet Earth. Sari, in particular, has long been interested in sustainable living.

So when she learned that like-minded souls in Media and vicinity were working to make the Delaware County seat a Transition Town, she gladly joined the effort. In August, Media became the first Transition Town in Pennsylvania.

What does the Transition Town designation (TT, for short) mean? In Media, it means that scores of conscientious citizens who live in and around the borough have committed themselves to trying to meet more of their needs locally so that they use fewer resources, especially oil and other carboniferous sources of energy.

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