Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub Council Celebrates Happiness, Wellbeing, and Underscores "Genuine Progress" Earth Day to May Celebrations Around Mid-Atlantic Region

Genuine progress is the measure of what really counts. Happiness, wellbeing, and measures of progress that factor in the true cost of maintaining a healthy and just quality of life drove 10 days of celebrations from Earth Day to May Day orchestrated by Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub (MATH) Council members in CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, and VA.

MATH Council festivities ranged from a happy-dance flashmob in Pennsylvania to Resilient Response storytelling & improvisational theater, foraging & feasting on woodland edibles in New York; honoring the symbiosis between Transition and Timebanking in New Jersey; to a "fire your dryer" campaign and a Transition Ecovillage debut in Virginia, underscored that superb quality relationship rather than growth is THE pivotal determinant of progress.

MATH Council member activities demonstrated that there is a better way to measure progress than the limited GDP metric that measures the way money is spent rather than what the value of what we spend it on. The Happiness Index, Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) and the Social Progress Index are among tools that rigorously and comprehensively measure the environmental and social costs and benefits of economic activity.
The MATH Council, comprised of 24 representatives from the seven Mid-Atlantic States, is partnering with the Maryland Field Office of the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), Washington DC to serve as a regional "focus group/network."  MATH Council members will tap into Transition networks in their respective states to facilitate local accessibility of the IPS, New Economy: Alternative Economic Indicators Project work on ways to "measure what we treasure."


Transition Charlottesville Ablemarle "let it all hang out" at their Earth Day Week Pop-up Clothesline Party to promote "Firing Your Dryer." Juggling unicyclists, the Green Granny Choir, laundry-soap makers and Better World Betty were on hand to help Transition C'ville demonstrate why using a clothesline reduces carbon footprints, cuts energy bills, and provides time outside to socialize with neighbors.


The historic Lochlyn House hosted the "Coming Out" party for Charlottesville's Transition Eco-Village during Earth Day Week. The public debut included tours of the property, a presentation by the newly formed Ecovillage Board, a sumptuous dessert bar, and lively conversation among all the guests.














Transition Rosendale, New York organized 10 days of food-related wellbeing activities from Earth Day to May Day that included farms, food pantries, local schools  and the pubic in wildcrafting, plant identification, yogurt making foraging & feasting, bread making, sprouting, etc.






The MATH Transition-Interfaith Extreme Weather Working Group and Hudson River Playback Theater presented Resilience Stories Evenings in Kingston and Dobbs Ferry, NY.  The goal of Resilience Stories is to generate robust individual and community resilience, defined as the ability to successfully withstand and rebound after a shock to the system.














Transition Town Media, Pennsylvania organized an animated a week of Happiness Activities which included a Happy-Dance flashmob, "beam your dream" using the sound of a crystal bowl to focus dreams for peace and happiness in Media and then include them in a “peace pole” made from the branch of an ancient tree at Pendle Hill Quaker retreat, a scavenger hunt, swap tables, bee house sales and the “Happiness Singers”.


Transition Newton, New Jersey Earth Day events highlighted local food resiliency and the community-building boost that Timebanking gives to Transition initiatives.


The Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub (MATH) encourages Transitioners to "measure what what you treasure."

Post submitted by Pamela Boyce Simms; Convener, Mid-Atlantic Regional Transition Hub (MATH) Council


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