A Movement Coming Together

Eight years into the Transition Movement in the U.S. and we’ve witnessed communities transform at a grassroots level in extraordinary ways. With countless working groups on topics from local food security to green energy, “inner transition” to building the new economy — the 160+ local initiatives that have formed have built a remarkable track record of solid and replicable projects for building truly resilient community.


As we move toward the second decade of Transition, it’s time for us to bring this movement together. We’ve each done beautiful work in our local neighborhoods and watersheds to create stronger, healthier and more thriving communities. But to deepen our impact in these urgent times, we need to continually step up our game. And we’re doing this by working together — gathering the parts of this powerful movement into a more effective whole, capable of real system change on a wider scale.


As Transition US moves into 2017, we are working to bring this movement together in a number of ways: We’re planning our first-ever Transition US National Gathering this summer; we’re expanding the national leadership role of local community organizers from initiatives across the country; we’re increasing the capacity of local Transition Towns and projects on the ground by building capacity and providing seed-funding opportunities, and facilitating peer-to-peer mentoring, we’re stepping up the REconomy and Transition Streets projects — and we're integrating it all with an updated and more relevant website and social media presence that will be able to reach more people, share more transformational tools and success stories, and ripple out this movement, spreading community resilience far and wide.


To make all this possible, we’ve been gifted a generous $25,000 “matching grant” — meaning that your year-end contributions to Transition US will be doubled until the moment we reach our $50,000 fundraising goal… This will go a long way in serving our local communities at this crucial eleventh hour, as we make this all-important holistic transition in our collective way of living on the earth. We all intuitively know that the time is now to build a truly viable alternative to the extractive fossil-fuel-based economy of consumption — and we know there is immense wisdom in this movement, guiding us to live in greater integrity with the planet and with each other, to live in greater harmony and do more powerful work in community, to live from the heart and radiate this change out from within…


We’re asking for your support to bring the work of Transition US to the next level. The “collective genius” of this amazing community is self-evident. But if we aspire to realize the necessary changes in this time of such ecological and economic crisis, we’ve got to see that the tools of Transition reach hundreds of thousands, even millions (OR) more and more people. And to do this, we’ve got to dramatically increase our capacity to lift every voice in Transition, grow our impact on the ground, develop more resilient organizational models, elevate success stories from within the movement, and make our work more inclusive so that a just transition is accessible to the full diversity of our communities.


We do not have the luxury of infinite time to make change. Ecological systems are collapsing, systemic inequality is increasing, our watersheds are suffering — and we already know the cure. It is in our hands. Now we must share the medicine of Transition, while there is still time.


It is ultimately love, not money, that will save us all. But while this economy still exists, let’s leverage it to build resilient community — to create true wealth in the form of healthy local food systems and watersheds, alternative energy and transportation, new economic systems, emergency preparedness, local arts and media, and connected communities of mutual support. Let us invest in what truly matters. Please give abundantly to the important work of Transition US.


By Nils Palsson, Transition US

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